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10 Best Ways to Transfer Money Internationally

 The most suitable way to transfer money internationally is a query worth considering. After all, it has importance for your finances and the success or loss of an international business deal.

While there are numerous options available, some better than others, you need to know what’s out there before choosing which one will work best for you.

This article will analyze the different methods of transferring money internationally and help you decide which is the most suitable option for your needs. Let’s get begun!

What are the Most acceptable Ways to Transfer Money Internationally?

How to select a money transfer service

When it comes to transmitting money internationally, there are many options to choose from. But which one is the most useful? And most important, which one is the most uncontroversial?

The best way to pick a service is to research the market closely. Figure out what you are trying to achieve with your transfer and how much it will cost you. Then, compare your choices and see which offers the best value for money.

Most money transfer assistance offer their version of an online calculator, which can help you estimate exactly what each benefit will cost you in fees.

Make sure to read via all of the information carefully before submitting your request and compare several other money transfer services before choosing one.


Before utilizing any money transfer service, research the company to ensure trustworthiness and dependability. Many fraudulent companies out there will endure your money and run.

How Safe Are Money Transfer Services?

There is invariably some risk involved in using a cash transfer service. That being said, it is possible to take some protection that will help you remain safe when employing any service.

Verify the organization’s name before sending them any money by checking their website for authorized business licensing and enrollment information.

Financial institutions must have all of this data publicly available, so this is a safe option for confirming a company’s legitimacy.

10 Best Means to Transfer Money Internationally

Here are the top 10 ways to reposition money internationally:

1. Wire transfer

A wire transfer transmits money straight from one account to another, usually in the same nation or internatioYouer. You need to know both parties’ routing numerals and account numbers (the sender & re to send a wired transceiver).

This bank-to-bank transfer is fast, easy, and secure. However, receiving funds can be expensive and slow since they only contain the money sent and not the sending bank’s extra fee.

You will also require an account with enough funds to cover any fees incurred and the transfer payment.

2. Wise

Wise formally TransferWise is a funds transfer service that delivers fast, low-cost international transfers.

Based out of London & Estonia, TransferWise uses peer-to-peer technology to inscribe out large financial organizations’ costly middleman and exchange rates.

You can select from 300+ currencies and 50+ countries when you send money internationally.

Wise is an ideal alternative to banks and other transfer services, but it may not offer the same group of support that some may be looking for.

With this method, you can send funds overseas using the destination country’s currency rather of your own country’s currency.


Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication-SWIFT is an international revenue service that works likewise to a wire transfer.

However, rather of using your bank account, you can ship an international payment through a SWIFT design by either referencing an account held at the terminus country’s bank or merely by entering payee and beneficiary components.

It is less expensive than wire transfers since it does not use intermediary banks. However, the most significant downside to this method is that it takes significantly extended to send and receive funds.

4. PayPal

This online payment processing company delivers a fast and secure way to send money internationally.

PayPal lets you transmit funds either by using your account balance or by connecting a bank account and card so the funds can be sent directly from there, but this process may take a while due to the processing time.

5. Western Union

Western Union is a famous choice for many when sending money internationally because it’s free, reliable, and available in over 200 countries.

You have the opportunity to send money through an account or by using cash at a physical location. The transfer endures just minutes, and it’s quick to acquire funds at the site you choose.

6. Cash pickup

Cash pickup is one of the numerous convenient ways to send money internationally. You can have your funds returned directly to a third-party or physical establishment where they will be available for immediate pickup.

This method might not be perfect if you don’t want anyone else knowing who sent the money or where it’s running since you have to provide both the sender and receiver details.

7. Bitcoin [cryptocurrency]

A form of digital fund that can be exchanged internationally without a third party concerned.

It’s decentralized, which suggests any financial institutions do not control it. The transfer of funds is verified via a peer-to-peer computer system, and the payments are irreversible, pushing them safe for both sender and receiver.

However, one deficiency to using Bitcoin is that fees tend to be higher because there are no third partakers to help with the procedure, and cryptocurrency is a fairly new form of digital currency.

8. OFX

OFX is a global provider of online monetary services that lets you send money around the world fast and easily. Fees are transparent, so you’ll know precisely how much it will cost to send funds.

You can access your OFX account online or via an app on your phone to send funds, or you can utilize one of the more than 35,000 international branches that accept cash stakes and withdrawals.

9. WorldRemit

WorldRemit is a mobile-friendly funds transfer service that lets you send money to over 140 nations using your smartphone.

You can send your funds via a bank account or card and pick them up in cash from one of the 300,000 places available worldwide.

Their low fees and complete tracking options make this a secure, quick, and reliable choice for shipping money internationally.

10. Remitly

Remitly is a suitable online service that lets you send money internationally using your smartphone, tablet, and computer.

You can decide to use the funds in your wallet, send from a linked bank account, or even request the money from a supported retailer near you for a fee.

Their low fees and fast delivery times are an efficient way to send money abroad.

There you have it! Currently that you know the different methods available for repositioning money internationally.

Hopefully, you find one that fits your needs perfectly. If not, don’t be afraid to dig a little deeper until you discover what works pleasingly for both you and your receiver.

Good luck.!



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