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21 Business Opportunities for Youth in Kenya

Are you curious in finding out the best company opportunities for youth in Kenya? In this article, you will get a opportunity to discover over 20 options unrestricted for youth in Kenya.

Do you have plans of being your boss? Do you want to creat a business that can generate income and become self-sustaining financially? If so, there are many business possibilities available for Kenyan youths.
There is no better time than now to evaluate starting a business if you do not already have one. Here is a list of the most suitable and most promising business prospects for youth in Kenya:
Let’s get started.
Business Opportunities in Kenya for Youth

Youtuber Video Publisher Business

You don’t require to invest a lot of money to start a youtube channel. All you need is a suitable idea to attract many viewers, which translates into revenue. You can earn income through support, selling your e-book or t-shirts on your website. If you are delightful, hilarious, and creative, this business prospect is for you.
A computer & a video camera are all you require to start a youtube channel.

Artificial Intelligence business opportunities

Are you concerned in Artificial Intelligence and keeping up with the latest technological tendencies? There is money to be gained from Artificial Intelligence. You can start by knowing more about this technology and sharing your details with others. This business is a good chance for both degree and non-degree holders in this field.

Coding Lessons business in Kenya

Have you understood how to code, and do you know how to create applications? You can use your computer coding talents to teach other youth and kids. There is a high market for coders as technology advances, therefore more developers. If you are suitable with computers and love interacting with children, this business chance might be perfect for you.

Web Design Agency Business opportunity

Do you have an eye for looks and symmetry? If so, this company opportunity might be perfect for you. You can start a web plan agency that will help companies in Kenya to market their products on the internet. Many companies in Kenya are embracing technological marketing methods to help them advance out to millions of people in Kenya today. There is still need for individuals who can produce attractive website designs.

Blogging as a business option for Kenyan youth

Other young individuals opt to start their blogs. If you are curious in writing, blogging can be a very promising business. Several bloggers make good money each month because of the considerable number of readers. Some people also gain through advertising and affiliate marketing programs with different companies. The advantage of blogging is that you can begin and run it from the ease of your home without much capital.

Online Influencer business

A new business tendency in Kenya is to become an important online influencer. The number of bloggers & social media influencers has risen significantly in the last few years, and this tendency shows no sign of slowing-down. If you are creative, good on cameras with proper writing skills, you can start your own company as an online influencer.
Most young people make reasonable money online as influencers. Some influencers have yielded millions of Kenyan shillings in income. If you can create content that individuals will like and share, you may start your own company as an online influencer.

Teaching Languages

Do you express two or more languages? Teaching different people your native vocabulary is another great way to make money. You can teach your mother tongue to pupils in local primary and secondary schools, or you can begin an online class on your own. Many individuals would like to learn new languages, particularly with many foreigners living in Kenya.
Buying and reselling clothes
Purchasing clothes and reselling them is another fantastic business opportunity in Kenya to examine into. Most people buy garments because they like them and when they reach home, they realize that the dresses do not fit well or are not what they desire. This means that you can find such dresses and then resell them to make a earnings.

Running an online shop

These days, youthful people can easily make money online. You can take benefit of the high number of mobile phone users and set up an online store to sell your products. This type of industry is very flexible as you only require to be at home to conduct your transactions.

Events Planning business option for youth

Do you have a skill for organizing events? Starting an event planning business is an amazing opportunity for Kenyan youth. You need to develop exciting ideas that build hype and then manage them accordingly. For instance, if you like rap music or hip-hop, as most young people do nowadays, you can schedule a free event that features some of your favorite artists. You can then sell the event through posters and brochures and sell tickets to those who cannot afford to go.

Photography business opportunity

If you are a gifted photographer, starting a business that involves selling photos is another fantastic business opportunity for Kenyan youth. Many people need images to decorate their homes or headquarters and use the images on social media outlets such as Facebook and Instagram. You can take pictures of occasions and parties and then sell the photos to those who need them.

Car Wash Business

This is a standard industry opportunity, but it can be extreamly profitable. You will get to invest in buckets and leeches before starting this business. The car wash industry is a great opportunity because you can also offer other services such as polishing. If you are blessed, people will want your services every day.

Carpentry Business

Carpentry used to be the most typical business opportunity for youth in Kenya, but it is still very advantageous. You can begin this business with as little as Ksh 10,000 and then buy the supplies you need, such as chisels, hammers, and saws. You can then examine for places to set up your carpentry workshop.
Agribusiness prospects for youth in Kenya
Agribusiness is still a great business option, and the youth can join mainstream agriculture and make a good income. Agribusiness is an umbrella term surrounding agricultural production, value addition, and marketing of food products. The main purpose of agribusiness activities in Kenya is to create options for farmers and those who want to venture into business.

Beauty Business Options For Youth In Kenya

Most young ladies have been told that being attractive is a way to get what they want. Beauty salons are one of the most typical business options for Kenyan youth because there will always be needs for such services despite the recent economic challenges in Kenya. You can create your beauty salon with a bit of investment because all the tools will be readily available.

Investing In The Stock Market

This is one of the best industry opportunities for young people who want to make money over some moment. But this kind of business needs a lot of research since you are selling with money. You can start by extending an account with one of the stock brokers in Kenya and then buying highly-priced stakes. It will be advisable to buy more than one share to improve your investment’s chances of earning a high return.

Tutoring and Coaching Business Opportunity

This is another profitable business opportunity for young individuals looking to undertake into business. If you can teach any subject, mathematics or English, for instance, you can start tutoring and coaching students who need assistance with their school assignments. You will make cash every time you tutor or coach someone.

Entertainment business

The entertainment enterprise is broad since there are many job opportunities, and you can begin with a minimal investment. For example, you will need only some musical instruments to launch into the music industry or dancing tools to join the dance industry. There are also many entertainment media to get your talent noticed.

Learn Cryptocurrencies and start a business in Kenya

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are the latest money in Kenya. The best thing regarding these currencies is that they permit investors to make cashless commerce, receive payments from online companies and make international payments. This means that you can start a business making people conscious of cryptocurrencies because there will always be need for such services.
This is just the suggestion of the iceberg. There are so many industry opportunities out there if you have what it brings to start one. The key is being innovative and innovative in business ideas.

Operate a Digital Agency Business

These days, most entrepreneurs are peeking for ways of bringing their businesses online. This has directed to the emergence of digital agencies that offer businesses a whole package of assistance such as developing websites, advertising a company on social media, and search engine optimization.
I hope this writing was helpful.



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