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6 Types of Equity Bank Business Loans

Read on to find out the known equity bank business loans in Kenya.

While you are beginning a business or a project, you require money, but then you may necessarily not hold it then, but that should not hinder you. Equity bank enterprise loans are here to sort you out.
But first, let’s understand something about the Bank. It was started in mid-1984 as a mortgage economic institution for people gaining a low income.
Since then, it has developed to be one of the largest banks in Africa, aiding over 9 million customers.
For over 30 years, Equity Bank has confirmed to be one of the most favorable banks, particularly to the common mwananchi providing reasonable business loans to its customers.
In this article, I will take you via some of the Equity bank business loans that may be helpful, particularly while starting or expanding your company.

List of equity bank business loans

Here is a list of the great Equity bank business loan available at Equity bank

1. Agriculture Loans

This is the kind of Equity bank company loan you take as an individual practicing agribusiness and wish to extend or improve your farming business.
This could contain expanding a ranch where you are raising grazing livestock such as cattle or sheep for saleable purposes.
Under Agriculture is a list of other mini-loans, which contain

Kilimo Biashara Loans for small-scale farming

This is where the Bank finances the farmer to purchase farm products like Seedlings, fertilizers, delivery, machinery, among others.

Kilimo Biashara Loans for agribusiness

These are loans that finance people in the business of dealing with agricultural inputs and equipment.

Maendeleo Loans

Helps farmers into the farming development business to construct greenhouses, among others.

Kisasa Loan

This is a loan primarily meant for the small scale farmers to cater for the current agricultural types of equipment like milking machinery

Farm Input loan

This is the financial support of the Bank meant to assist the farmer in buying farm inputs. It is also meant for growers with monthly remittances with Equity Bank Limited.

Commercial Agricultural Loans

This is the loan meant to satisfy large-scale farmers, e.g., large firms haggling with agricultural products.

Aggregated Agricultural Loans

This is the kind of loans where the Bank funds a group of small scale farmers as objected to individuals

2. Equity Bank Business Loan – Women Loan’s

The loans are taken by females in business and are looking to expand or support their business financially.
Under women’s loans, let us take a look at the various types of loans

Fanikisha Fedha

These kind of loans targets a set of 15-30 women with the same business attitude and offer training to develop their companies

Fanikisha Platini

These kind of loan which is alocated to individuals as well as helps in providing motivational business talks

Fanikisha Dhahabu

The loan is given to people and has a flexible compensation of up to 2 years

Fanikisha Imara

This a loan given to people with the benefits of gaining access to training at reasonable and discounted intrest rates

Fanikisha Almasi

This is a loan lender program to people with the benefits of flexible collateral options to satisfy their needs, business advice from professionals, and training

Micro-finance Loans

Under this loan, we own

Micro Business loans

The loan is allocated to the youth to help them expand their businesses further.

Development Loans

This is open to Small Medium Enterprise to help them in the growth of their businesses

Asset Finance Loans

This is the loan presented in order assets, including motor vehicles, construction supplies, industrial plant & machinery, and agricultural tools.

The advantages of this particular loans is that

It is fast to process
Its repayment terms are adaptable to the debtor.
The assets you Buy using the loan can be used as security.

Trade Finance Loans

This is the loan presented to individuals to facilitate the trade of goods and services locally and internationally.

Equity Bank Business Loans – Loans

This is the Equity bank mobile loans which is easily accessible via mobile phones.
For you to access these loans, you must have the following conditions.
With an Eazzy loans, you can get up to Ksh 3million directly to your phone.
Here are the provisions needed for you to access the loan.
Must have an Equitel line and equity bank account that has been operational for about 6months.
Alternately, download the EazzyApp using the following measures

How to download the Eazzy App

Must have an android operational phone, go to the phone’s Google play store
Click on the Eazzy app, download theninstall the app to your phone, and get begun with your App.
Provisions for acquiring Equity bank business loans
Must be an equity bank account holder
Have at least an Equitel line to get some loans
Download the Eazzy App




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