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A list of Most Marketable Courses Offered at Makerere University 2022

Makerere University is one of the sufficiently public universities in East Africa delivering marketable courses. It is located in Uganda. Most Ugandans flatter themselves in it since most students come from far and wide to get an education in this institute.

It was formerly part of the Institutes of East Africa (UEA) that later split into three; Dar es Salaam University in Tanzania, the University of Nairobi in Kenya, and Makerere University in Uganda.

Like any different University, Makerere University delivers a wide range of courses, some of which are not marketable. Below is a full list of the most marketable studies at Makerere University;

1. Bachelor of Commerce

Right now, there is hardly any field that does not require accountants and other finance professionals. Therefore, you have a wide range of opportunities to tap with this course.

2. Bachelor of Economics

A company and a country at significant necessities to know if their investment will profit either in the brief run or long run. Economists have the ability and skills how to determine and predict economic patterns. They are primarily employed in government offices or some NGOs.

3. Bachelor of Arts in Education

This is one course and occupation that may never run out of the market. Teachers are always required to teach in different institutions for various requirements. With this, one can be a primary school teacher, a secondary school teacher, a lecturer, or a private tutor.

4. Civil Engineering

Roads and gigantic buildings come up every day. Civil engineers are needed to confirm that everything is in place & that the suitable materials are used in the right amounts.

5. Bachelor of Laws (LLB)

With legal matters being on the absolute rise, people always need professional lawyers who can venture their cases with confidence, knowledge & prowess. Lawyers are marketable.

6. Computer Science

We are living in an era and time where everything is pretty much digitized. Computer science is professional with information on how to tackle the computer world. They can be employed in companies to be the brain behind their digital platform.

7. Veterinary Medicine

Very many people overlook the importance of this course. With just four years study period, one can get hired by the national government to charge projects that entangle taking care of animals at the national level. Apart from that, one can develop his own company that abides care of animal needs.

8. Journalism and Mass Communication

This is one of the most marketable studies right now. With a little bit of online marketing prowess, this can bring you to great heights. With this, one can work with companies such as National Geographic.

9. Business Administration

It has opportunities such as Human Resource Management, Procurement, International Business & Entrepreneurship. With this, one can work in a wide range of areas because each company usually requires someone to take good care of the company’s resources.

10.Information Systems and Technology

In the present digitized world, people with online skills and knowledge stand a more fair chance of being employed. With this, one can be employed as an Information Technology professional.



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