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Akothee Biography, Net Worth, Age, Career, Songs, Family and Husband

Real Name Esther Akoth
Age 40 years as of 2021
Nationality Kenyan
Tribe Luo
Education Level Unknown
Place of Birth Migori, Kenya
Birth/Zodiac Sign Aries
Year of Birth 8th April, 1980
Religion Christian
Spouse/Wife Unknown
Children 5 Children
Career/Profession Dancer/Musician
Net Worth Kshs 6.5 Billion

Akothee Biography

Esther Akoth, known as Madam Boss, aka President of Single Mothers, aka Akothee, is a Kenyan contentious no-nonsense philanthropist, entrepreneur, singer, & songwriter. She happens to be the first Kenyan to ever collaborate with the coveted Tanzanian music guru known as Diamond Platnumz on their song ‘Sweet love.’ Apart from existing in the music scene, the hot mother of 5 is the originator and CEO of Akothee Safaris, tours and travel business established in Kenya.

Akothee Age, Birthday, Birthplace, and Tribe

Esther Akoth was born on the 8th of April, 1980, in Migori, Migori County, Kenya. Akothee is 41 years old as of the year 2022. She hails from the Luo tribe of Kenya. The musician gets to celebrate her birthday on the 8th of April of every year.

Akothee Background and Education

Akothee went to Nyabisawa secondary school for her secondary schooling. However, she declined out of school at the age of 14 while she was in form 2 to be with her boyfriend at the time. Akothee, together with the boyfriend, went to her mother-in-law’s place. Soon after, her boyfriend had to head back to school, which pushed her to be left behind for the following seven years, serving as a house help to the mother-in-law.
During this time, she had already concocted her first child, whom she gave birth to at 14. Akothee gave birth to her second & third children at the age of 15 & 16 years old, respectively. However, her 2nd child passed on due to infancy-related conditions, something she had no money to help her pursue treatment for. At the age of 20, Akothee gave birth to her 4th kid. This was in 2000. A few months later, Akothee had problems with her mother-in-law, which made her depart to get her life together.

The songbird then proceeded to Kanga town, where she sold fish to fend for herself. At this time, her boyfriend had since earned high school and was in university. After finishing his university education in 2003, the two decided to move together. They then agreed that Akothee should go back to school as the boyfriend accepts care of the children.
Akothee moved to Gachie Mixed Secondary School to finish her secondary school education. She did her most OK and was able to do so in 2004 when she was about 21 years old. She came out with a mean grade of C+, scoring a straight A in History and Geography & D- in Mathematics.

Akothee Personal life and Background

She was the first-born kid in her family. She comes from a humble family where she was raised in Migori for a good part of her childhood. After finishing high school in 2004, Akothee proceeded to Nairobi to live with her husband taking care of their three kids while at Gachie Secondary School, completing her secondary education. Life was so harsh in Nairobi. They were even moved to beg for food & other basic needs since they could not live a comfortable life.
The neighbors even contributed cooking pots, cooking sticks, clothes & bedding for them. Luckily, her husband anchored a job, something that indicated that their life was about to take a turn for the more acceptable. Nevertheless, shock on her since her husband left her & their three children for another woman on 6th of October, 2006. At this time, Akoth was left as a single mother at about 26.
A divorced, hurt, smashed yet determined Akothee transferred to Mombasa town to dwell with her brother. She became a taxi driver, something that transformed her life for the better. While operating as a taxi driver, she carried a passenger from Zurich, Switzerland, one day.
The Swiss man finalized up becoming her boyfriend. He even brought her to her home country. Madam Boss even concocted her fifth child, Okoth, while with him. Nonetheless, nine months later, the two broke up. Akothee loaded her belongings and drove back to Kenya to pursue music as a profession.

Akothee Music Career and Songs

Her music profession kicked off in 2008 after moving from Switzerland. She has released amazing songs such as Oyoyo featuring Galaxy, Sweet Love ft. Diamond, Give it to me x. Flavour, Djele Djele, Osilliation, Benefactor, Mama Bougerie, Rollam, Baby Daddy, Lotto, Tucheze, New Dance ft Oc, Katika, Pashe, Shengerera & Tucheze. In March 2020, she unleashed a song known as ‘Mwiitu asa.’ She furthermore released ‘Nakupa Moyo.’Akothee

Kamba Song

In March 2020, Madam Boss fired a song of the Kamba language known as Mwiitu asa. The music was composed and sung in the Kamba language. This raised eyebrows since it is precise that Akothee is not from the Kamba community. She does not speak the language, alone knowing how to compose it. However, most of her fans found this charming, particularly those from the Kamba community.

Akothee Awards and Nominations

2016 Best East African Female Artist African Muzik Magazine Awards (AFRIMMA).
Best Video during the African Muzik Magazine Awards (AFRIMMA).
Best Female Artist African Entertainment Awards, USA.

Akothee Collapses

In December 2019, while acting on stage during the Luo Festival in Kisumu, Akothee collapsed. The sad happening happened barely two days after being released from the hospital. She had been admitted to Nairobi’s Karen Hospital for flu and tiredness.
A day later, she carried to her social media account to apologize to her fans for the unfortunate event. She later noted that she was OK and collapsed due to exhaustion since her body was still weak. She jokingly told her fans that a single mother of 5 has to work hard, even when she is not probing her best.

Akothee Children

Akothee is a proud mama of five; three daughters & two sons. Vesha Shalian Okello, Celine Dion Okello, Prudence Apundo Otieno, Oyoo & Ojwang’. The two sons are mixed and have their separate fathers overseas.
Akothee Home, House
She owns houses in four separate places; Nairobi, Mombasa, her fortress in Migori & another home in Switzerland.

Akothee Businesses

The singer is the Jack of all trades. She not only makes music but has also sponsored in other fields. Akothee is the creator and CEO of Akothee Safaris, tours and travels business based in Nairobi, Kenya. Her daughter, Vesha Okello, was established as the Director of Akothee Safaris. Apart from that, she is also the founder of the Akothee Foundation, which helped people in society. She is also the person behind Aknotela & Akothee Homes, a real estate company she runs.

Akothee Miscarriage

In 2008, Akothee mourned a miscarriage where she was expecting twins. This test threatened her life, and it was one of her lowest moments in life. However, a few of her haters hoped her death during the time. She has since dismissed them.

Akothee Ezekiel Mutua

A few days ago, Ezekiel Mutua announced that he would reward Akothee Kshs.50,000 for her inspiring content. This came as a shock to her since Ezekiel has consistently been against how she conducts herself. The mother of 5 is always in bikinis or very short outfits that barely leave anything to the imagination. A few days before that, she was trending for all the wrong motives since raunchy photos of her during a live performance in Watamu created rounds on social media.
Ezekiel even stated that she cannot be a role model to daughters of today and that tune does not have to be dirty to sell. Akothee responded to this, stating that she was no- one’s role model when she was broke. Nevertheless, Ezekiel awarded Akothee the money, arguing that she is the most improved artist in Kenya. Another brought to her Instagram account to thank the KFCB CEO for relishing her talent.

Akothee Boyfriend

Nelly Oaks is Akothee’s director as well as the alleged lover. The two have taken raunchy pic jointly several times. She recently posted, stating that she has required a personal trainer & swimming instructor for three months & not a boyfriend. She stated that she does not mess with her workers since male employees make her uneasy. This could be a sign that Akothee is presently single.
Akothee Net worth
Her present net worth is estimated to be about Kshs. 7.5 billion. She is one of the few very hard-working celebrity women in Kenya who have been capable of making it from grass to grace.



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