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Ali Manzu Biography, Education, Family, Background, Career

Real Name Ali Khamis Manzu
Age N/A
Nationality  Kenyan
Education Level University
Place of Birth Kenya
Birth Sign Cancer
Year of Birth N/A
Religion  Muslim
Spouse  Amina Gullam
Children  N/A
Profession/Career Journalist
Net Worth Ksh. 50 million


Ali Khamis Manzu is a famous KTN Swahili news anchor who was born and grown in Mombasa, Kenya. He also has an impeccable grasp of the language & his delivery of news has made him a flame to many. Performing the Standard Media Group put him in the spotlight and accelerated his journalism career. The reporter pays special attention to human interest stories, current affairs, health, wildlife & conservation.

Linus Kaikai and Faridah Karoney are individuals he looks up to since they helped him in his expedition

“ They comprehend what they are doing and can shape you to evolve who you want to be in the industry,” he once declared.

The Swahili news anchor is a righteous Muslim & admits to reading the Quran every dawn since it is his source of inspiration.


The anchorperson is well educated. He studied architectural draughtsmanship at the known technical university college in Mombasa. Simply like with most studies in Kenya, the market opportunity in this area is very limited. Ali decided to try his fortune with communication and pursued a diploma in Communication & Journalism in Nairobi. He then proceeded to Moi University for a Bachelor of Arts in Communication & Public relations and graduated in late 2015.


Amina Gullam, an airline hostess with Etihad Airlines, is his loving wife. The wedding ceremony was kept at The Sir Ali Muslim Club in Ngara, Nairobi. Mr. Manzu has 5 siblings and both his mum & dad are arsenal fans.


In 2003, the talented journalist chose to leave Mombasa for Nairobi. His mother told him not to speak to strangers. He recounts his journey to the city:

“ I remember seating in the bus at Mtito Andei enjoying home-cooked food as the rest, presumably Nairobians traveling from Mombasa, stepped out to eat at the eatery,” Ali Manzu recalls.

Nairobi was a completely new world full of strange baffling scenarios. The shock he felt seeing a grimaced woman screaming for help with no one stopping to help her. Everyone was caring for their own business. The preachers at River Road were another puzzling sight. Shouting at the top of their lungs you’d think it was a contest on who is the loudest.

Not ignoring Kanjos (city council officers) chasing hawkers around the street. Then, there were the lines in order to board a van. All this was so distinct from the Coast.

Kariobangi South was prohibited territory for him. His grandmother told him it was the corner of all manner of stealing and he should never go there. Advice he accepted seriously until the day he became a full-fledged Nairobi.

Media Career

The KTN news anchor’s expedition started in 2002 when he was working as an intern at KBC’s Sauti House, Mombasa, in video production. While there, he performed on a classic local television show called “Penzi Hatari” (Dangerous love).

Mr. Manzu left KBC to enter a religious radio station (still in Mombasa) called Rahma. He perfected his radio presentation skills through different divisions in the radio. This is what fashioned him to who he is today.

Radio Salam in Mombasa was his following stop. This furthered his profession in the media industry. The six-year training encouraged and advanced his career.

Before the 2007 general elections, Katua Nzile from KTN followed him at Radio Salam and this was the start of his journey with Standard Media Group. He wrapped 2007 & 2013 general elections among other stories.



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