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Andrew Peter Ngirici Education, Biography, Struggles, Big Break, Businesses, Family, Politics, Multi-Million Car Collection & Auctioneers

Andrew Peter Ngirici is a Kenyan born billionaire businessman and media entrepreneur. He is the spouse to Kirinyaga County Woman Representative Wangui Ngirici.
The businessman has lately made a name for himself as one of the richest people in the country and a political emphasis force. He funded his wife’s election and is acknowledged to have had a hand in Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru’s election.
Ngirici is also comprehended for the vivid life he leads and the expensive collection of cars he owns.|

Background & Education

ndrew Peter Ngirici Education and Biography
andrew Peter Ngirici Education and Biography

According to news, the billionaire businessman only managed it to Class Four before he declined out of Kirigo Primary School.
None of his siblings tended secondary school & his two brothers eked a living accomplishing manual jobs in Kerugoya town.
“Ngirici even tempted suicide by consuming some pesticide after his mother pushed him back to school,’’ a family source informed The Nairobian.
He is the son of Rachel Wanjiku & Mzee Muriu.


The Standard in early 2018 reported that Ngirici settled to washing cars, serving donkey & luggage carts for THE GREAT Mzee Arthur Munyi in Kaitheri village, Kirinyaga County.

His mother later purchased him a cart, with which he started to operate and earn his money. He also delivered beer crates in Kirinyaga for Mzee Munyi, making an extra shlling.
Ngirici’s luck changed for the better when he met retired government spy James Kanyotu who needed his services.
Mzee Munyi died on a few years later after he was entangled in a road accident.
Kanyotu’s family & Ngirici’s family had a long record. Reports indicate that Ngirici’s grandfather presented shelter to Kanyotu’s father before. Kanyotu’s father would later buy land and console in Kirinyaga after retirement.

Big Break

Kanyotu and Ngirici’s goodwill grew, and later on, Kanyotu anchored a job as a government spy in the Jomo Kenyatta government and later performed under former President Daniel Arap Moi.
Ngirici sold the portion of land assigned to him by his father to Kanyotu for Ksh780,000, money he used to purchase two second-hand matatus.

“Using his newly discovered networks, Ngirici’s husband risked into the transport business, investing in matatus & buses,” a source said to a local daily in 2020.


Learning from Kanyotu, Ngirici risked into various sectors of the economy, including real estate, media, large-scale farming, mining, among others.
“Ngirici stood solitary by Kanyotu’s hospital bed when he seized his last breath and you can, thus, see the degree of trust the ex top spy had in him,’’ a neighbour who desired anonymity informed The Standard.

He is the proprietor of Mt Kenya TV and Iganjo FM. The media stations have frequencies in Nairobi, Eldoret, Nyeri, Nyandarua, Mombasa, Nakuru, Meru, Kisumu and Kericho.


Ngrici Family

Andrew & his wife, Wangui have children jointly two sons. Their youngest son, is called Dean Ngirici.


Ngirici has had an enthusiastic hand in the country’s politics. He supported his wife’s election crusade to a tune of millions.
He was her chief campaigner with their marches marked by multi-million cars & choppers. Wangui won in the Jubilee nominations, unseating incumbent Winnie Karimi Njuguna. She was successfully elected Kirinyaga County Woman Rep on August 8, 2017 general election.
“When you notice me here, I come as Wangui’s ally but when we get to our house, she is my wife and nothing transient of this,” he said during one of the campaigns.
Ngirici was also after the campaign and election of Governor Waiguru in Kirinyaga.

Multi-Million Car Collection

Multi-Million Car Collection
Multi-Million Car Collection

The billionaire businessman puffs of an endless list of luxury cars, as stated by a report issued by The Standard in 2019.
Some of his cars possess a grand Cadillac Escalade SUV, which commands Ksh7-9 million. The car’s price can be way elevated depending on custom modifications needed by the buyer.
He also possesses a Maserati Levante. The car costs about Ksh17 million, and is a real pace freak.
Another range of car in his guardianship is the 2018 Land Rover Range Rover, V8 Supercharged. The car commands about Ksh10 million.
Ngirici also possesses a Rolls Royce Phantom, one of the most luxurious cars in the world. The vehicle prices in excess of Ksh45 million.
He also owns a Rolls Royce convertible calculated to have set him back a further Ksh34 million.
Ngirici’s collection also brags a Mercedes Benz G Wagon, which commands about Ksh15 million.


The name Ngirici has forever been associated with finances and it came as a shocker when NCS auctioneers settled their Runda home a visit to cart away home items in a bid to rescue a kes5 million debt owed to Flex Air Charter.
The Kirinyaga woman representative leased helicopters in 2016 at the cost of kes5.9 million but only paid a scrap prompting the helicopter company to move to court to pursue legal recourse.
Murang’a senator Irungu Kang’ata composed to stop the operation promises to deliver a cheque to NCS offices.

The woman representative read troublemaker saying that the activity by the auctioneers was as a outcome of her support of DP William Ruto.
“The entire thing is political; these were my opponents at play. The statement I placed over the weekend has genuinely touched them,” she told PD.
She went on to state that the auctioneers took her TV worth Kes2 million.
“The auctioneers landed on my residence and took away all the households, including a Sh2 million TV set,”
“Because I desired to save my items, I chose to deposit the cash with the court as I move to court for an inducement,” a distraught Ngirici informed the media.



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