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Asparagus Farming in Kenya – 2022 Update

Asparagus agribusiness in Kenya is now becoming a lucrative business for small-scale growers. The crop is mainly grown for export as many Kenya households aren’t entirely familiar with its use.

Okay, first things first, What is Asparagus, & what is it used for? Before we get begun, you need to know what you are agriculture, its value, and, lastly, where you can get it.

Asparagus is a perennial plant, which assumes years (2-3) before harvesting. (Tolerance is bitter, but its fruit is sweet Aristotle). Although it takes a pair of years to produce, the plant will stay productive for the next 25 years after the first yield.

Asparagus Farming in Kenya

In this post, we’re not heading to talk about how asparagus farming in Kenya is done. Nevertheless, we’re going to point you in the right direction by speaking about the following:

  1. Asparagus types are grown in Kenya.
  2. Where is Asparagus grown in Kenya?
  3. The cost of Asparagus per kilogram in the market
  4. Where to obtain Asparagus seeds in Kenya
  5. Asparagus Market in Kenya Where to ship your produce.
  6. Climatic conditions that prefer asparagus farming in Kenya

Why is Asparagus farming a Profitable Venture?

In Kenya, Asparagus is mostly grown for export to a small size for local consumption in eateries. But, practically, everything ranging from the roots to the berries of Asparagus is swallowed because of its medicinal properties.

So, What are the Asparagus varieties that are grown in Kenya?.

There are various varieties of Asparagus that are grown around the world. The following asparagus types are available in Kenya;

  1. Mary Washington
  2. Jersey Giant F1
  3. Jersey King F1

It is essential to note that, when it comes to asparagus husbandry in Kenya,

Where does Asparagus Grow in Kenya?

Research is yet ongoing to test if Asparagus does well in other areas across the country. Nevertheless, it is good to know that Asparagus does well in various soil types and under different climatic conditions. Still, it flourishes best in fertile, well-drained soils in moist temperate areas with long growing seasons.

Asparagus prospers in Kenya in the following regions.

  1. Gilgil and the surrounding areas in Nakuru County
  2. Molo
  3. Subukia

Where to get Asparagus seeds in Kenya

Several suppliers are available in the country; the following are the main suppliers we know.

  1. Desertcart. Co.ke Imports asparagus grains from the USA
  2. Continental seeds Deals the asparagus US 72 variety.
  3. Urbangarden.co.ke

The expense of Asparagus per kilogram in the market

Asparagus presently retail at Ksh 500-600 per kilogram. You can see the following places to buy for yourself if you are within Nairobi.

  1. City market
  2. Marikiti
  3. Fig Tree market Ngara
  4. Zucchini Greengrocers Limited ABC Place.
  5. Tuskys Supermarkets.
  6. Kalimoni greens organic shop Karen.
  7. The Organic Farmers Market- Marula Studios.
  8. Two Rivers Shopping Mall.
  9. New Muthaiga Shopping Mall Market.
  10. Chandarana (Foodplus) supermarkets.

Asparagus Market in Kenya Where to export your produce.

Many go-betweens are in the Asparagus industry, so looking for exporters for your farm produce may be tough. However, if you post your products on farming groups on Facebook, you can cease up getting a willing buyer for your farm produce.

In the meantime, we’re yet conducting market research, and we will let you know where to export your produce without negotiators.

Let us hear about your asparagus farming adventures in the comment section below. We also like to hear about your plans for this experience. Happy farming.



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