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Beatrice Marshall biography, Full names, family, current job, facts

In 2014, Beatrice Marshall was on the limelight allegedly for bleaching her face and failing to do the same for her hands. She was at the peak of her career and being a public figure; her peeks mattered to her fans as much as they did to her. Some criticized her for it, but it was always going to stay a personal choice.
Beatrice has been a media character in Kenya for around two decades serving in media places such as the state-run KBC and the international broadcaster CCTV. Her list of accomplishments is endless, and despite the fame that comes with her work, she has somehow worked to keep her life away from the limelight.

Beatrice Marshall profile summary

Celebrated name-Beatrice Marshall
Birth name-Beatrice Turkwen
Date of birth-March 26th
Place of birth-Eldoret
Occupation-Media personality

Beatrice Marshall bio

The media character was born near Ndalat Hills in Eldoret. Beatrice Marshall’s full names are Beatrice Turkwen Marshall. Her birthday is on the 26th of March although she has not disclosed the year she was born. Beatrice Marshall’s parents were a middle-class family with her father being a civil servant while her mom was a pharmacist.
She was raised on a ranch in the countryside together with her eight siblings although she longed for the city life in her childhood years. Her parents were gifted with nine children, but one passed, leaving behind six sisters and two brothers. She often proceeds back to the countryside to visit family and enjoy the environment.
Beatrice is one of the most intellectual media personalities in the country. Apart from fluently communicating four languages, she has a Master’s Degree in Mass Communication from the University of Leicester (UK).


Being a middle child, Turkmen used to find themselves alone as a child while the elder siblings looked after the more youthful ones. As a result, she formed a habit of reading novels to pass the time. Beatrice mother’s strict way of raising kids also became the foundation for success in her career as a journalist.
She is currently a constituent of the Board of Directors of Kenya Institute of Mass Communication and a news anchor for CGTN Africa in Nairobi. She is the anchorperson for Africa Live, a daily news program that reports on news events and ideas of Africans. She also hosts Talk Africa, which is CGTN’s flagship weekly talk show that gives African current affairs to the outside world.
Beatrice Marshall CGTN occupation has seen her interview more than 17 sitting African charges of state and other international leaders such as:
China’s Premier Li Keqiang
Former UN Secretary General the late Kofi Annan
Former AU commission chair Nkosasana Dlamini-Zuma
The star has been a regular contributor to global events as a moderator of panels such as:
The World Economic Forum (WEF) on Africa
Africa CEO Forum in Geneva
UN World Urban Forum in Colombia
Leaders in Africa Oil and Gas summit in London
New York Forum on Africa.
Before entering CGTN, Beatrice used to be the chief anchor and deputy managing editor of KTN where she wrapped key events in East and Central Africa. Beatrice Marshall’s KTN career is what put her on the map as a competent reporter. She also taught Journalism and Mass Communication at the United States International University (USIU) and performed at KBC in the 1990s.

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Beatrice Marshall husband

The media personality is married to Paul Marshall. Their wedding is interracial as Paul is white. In their complimentary time, they enjoy paying time with each other and travel a lot.


Beatrice is wedded to a Caucasian man by the name Paul Marshall.
Before being wedded to Mr Marshall, she used to be known by her birth name, which is

Beatrice Turkwen.

She observes her birthday every March 26th although she has managed to keep the year a secret.

She grew up in a big family of 8 siblings.

Beatrice has a Masters’s Degree in Mass Communication from the University of Leicester (UK).
She has questioned more than 17 African heads of state.
She communicates four languages.
Beatrice Marshall is a part model for many upcoming journalists in the country. She has been in the media for nearly two decades, maintaining a high degree of self-discipline, virtue and work ethic. In all that time, her life has stayed private, and it is rare to hear her name dragged in scandals.




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