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Best Online Typing Jobs for Students to Earn Money In Kenya 2022

Are you peeking for online typing jobs for students to earn money? If yes, then you are at the correct place. Flexible Hours and Work from Home option is one motivation to work online for a student.

Today many businesses provide online jobs for students. There are various types of jobs available relying upon your skills. The best part about these websites is that they do not need investment. All you need to do is apply and get unrestricted sample work.
Students can also appreciate their extra time by accumulating some extra bucks this time. Just discuss yourself and then choose a suitable job for you.
It’s not only regarding typing job, but there are also numerous kinds of jobs you can commit to earn cash from home. There are opportunities like data entry, form filler, etc. All you require is a computer with an internet linkage and a good typing pace.

What is an Online Typing Job?

An online typing job requires you to type on your computer or mobile device. These jobs are straightforward to do and paid too!
The most familiar type of typing job is an online data access job. Most of these jobs require you to enter data, copy-pasting, or enter data from one source to another. It can be tedious if you are not good at typing pace.

Some online typing jobs need you to type on your mobile device. If you are looking for exemplary typing speed, this is the right choice. You can work while touring or at home watching TV. Here are some leading online jobs that will let you earn money from home while performing flexible hours!
Online Typing Jobs for Kenyan Students to Earn Money
Here is the list of leading options for online typing jobs that will let you earn cash from home.


Students who maintain good listening and typing skills can try transcription jobs. You need to attend to an audio or video file and type it on your computer. The most helpful part is you get paid for every line transcribed!
Transcription jobs are perfect for students as you can work anytime and anywhere. It is a good choice for people who have a hectic schedule during the day. It would help if you sat at your home or some other peaceful place with good internet connectivity to do this job.
Types of Online Transcription Jobs
There are many types of transcription jobs unrestricted online. Here are some of the most famous types:
1. Medical Transcriptionist
2. Legal Transcriptionist
3. Video/Audio Transcriptionist
4. Corporate/Business Clients

You can pick any type that best suits you. For example, legal transcription jobs are suitable if you know permitted terminologies.

Where to get Transcription Jobs Online?

There are numerous websites to get transcription jobs online. These sites deliver typing job opportunities for students without any investment. Many of these places also offer a good pay for quality work.
Some of the most useful websites to look for these types of jobs are:
Rev Transcription
AccuTran Global
In overview, Transcription jobs are perfect for students who want to work from home and earn fair money. The Transcription tools you should have contain a computer or smartphone with an internet connection to involve for transcription jobs online.

Data Entry Jobs

Data Access jobs can be another option for scholars who want to earn extra money from home without the bother of managing employees or dealing with clients. It is also an important online job for students who wish to work flexible hours.
The most typical data entry jobs are form filling, image processing, and copying text from one origin to another. All you need is good internet connectivity and a computer or laptop with MS Office installed (or any other similar software).

Types of Online Data Entry Jobs

Data Entry jobs are obtainable in different types. You can select any of them that best fits your skills and interests. Some of the most typical data entry jobs include:
1. Form Filling
2. Image Processing
3. Copying text from one source to another
4. Typing on Excel/Word/Publisher etc

Where to find Online Data Entry Jobs?

Many websites present online data entry jobs without any investment. You can visit these sites and document yourself for free. These sites also let you work from home according to your plan.
Here are some of the most famous websites that let students earn money from home:

What tools do you need?

Data access jobs are ideal for learners with a computer with MS Office installed. You can also work on your smart-phone if you know typing skills in English.

Online Writing Jobs

Another modern online typing job for students to earn money from home is online writing.
Freelance writing is an amazing option to earn money from home. You can do writing job at your own home and get paid for it! If you have intrest for writing, this is the best job option for you.
What are some of the best writing jobs online?
There are many online writing jobs unrestricted for students. Some of the most typical types are given below.
1. Blog Writing
2. Content Writing
3. Editing & Proofreading
4. Technical Writing
5. Resume/Cover Letter Writing
6. Speech-Writing etc
Other writing jobs are open, such as a paid-for poll, a written report, or an inspection of some sort. You can choose writing jobs according to your interest and skills.

Freelancing Sites for Writing Jobs

Numerous websites let you make money online by accomplishing freelance writing work. These sites give hundreds of writing projects every month without any asset.
Here are the leading websites that deliver writing jobs to students:
These places let you work as a freelancer and earn money. You can also make an account on these places for absolutely free! If you have good analysis skills, this is the best job opportunity for you.


Writing jobs are perfect for students who have good writing skills. You should also be acquainted with the use of MS Office to work on these sites.

Virtual Assistant

A virtual helper is a person who works from home and delivers some services to consumers. The most common usefulness offered by virtual assistants are customer support, online research, email control, etc.
Virtual assistant jobs can be an ideal way for students to earn money from home. You only need the internet and good communication skills to devote for this job.

Where can you find Virtual Assistant Jobs?

You can find various kinds of virtual assistant jobs on many freelancing sites. Here are some of the top sites that offer virtual assistant jobs:
Fancy Hands
Virtual Vocations
These sites let you operate as a freelance assistant and earn money. You can also make an account on these locations for absolutely free! If you have good research skills, this is the best job option for you.

What tools do you need?

Most virtual associate jobs require a good internet connection and exceptional communication skills. You should also have a computer with MS Office established.

Ghost Blogging

Ghost blogging is another famous online job for students that let you work from home. Most Ghost bloggers register content on a blog and get paid for it! This is one of the most suitable jobs for students who have suitable writing skills.

How can you become a ghost blogger?

Writing a blog post is extremely easy, but making money can be challenging. Here are the measures to become a ghost blogger:
1. Visit websites like www.techgigs.com and join some places that offer ghost blogging jobs.
2. After entering, you can apply for writing tasks founded on your interests and skills.
3. You will earn paid for every blog post you write. Nevertheless, it takes time for your blog to start making money.


To evolve a ghost blogger, you should be suitable at writing and have good communication skills. Other than that, you don’t require any special requirements or credentials. You can even work part-time as a ghost blogger and earn money in your complimentary time! The only tool needed is a computer with MS Office installed.


Online Typing Jobs for Students to Make Money
In overview, there are many ways for scholars to earn money online. These jobs are comfortable, simple, and flexible, so scholars can pursue their studies while working on these sites. You can actually work part-time as a ghost blogger and make money in your free time!



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