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Best Savings and Credit Cooperative Organizations (SACCO’s) in Kenya 2022

Savings and Credit Cooperative Societies (SACCOs) are a mechanism for pursuing their financial goals. Saving and investment is a civilization that needs to be nurtured in order for one to reach tolerable levels of financial well-being and, eventually, freedom. Their pretty interest rates and products make them famous among millions of Kenyans, corresponding to banks.

Kenya’s functions are regulated by the government-established Sacco And Societies Regulatory Authority (SASRA). When searching for SACCOs to save with and invest in, one should evaluate factors such as interest rates presented on savings accounts, the flexibility of investment contributions, the comfort of accessing funds, and more. This article peeks into some of the best SACCOs in Kenya in 2022.


This is a SACCO that has been in function since 1974. With five branches across the country, it presents members up to twice their savings in credit. Members can also access the SACCO assistance easily on the phone and online. The terms of membership contain the provision of necessary elements such as identification documents, a membership fee, and an initial share buy.

Mhasibu SACCO

Mhasibu SACCO was developed by the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Kenya, particularly for professionals in the Finance industry. However, membership has grown to include other professions as long as membership conditions are met.

These include payment of a Ksh 1000 membership fee and filling in membership forms. Members receive complimentary savings and credit benefits that can be used to start businesses, expand operations, await opportunities, or prepare for economic uncertainty.

Tai SACCO Society Ltd

This society was established in 1992, initially named Kiambu Tea Growers Sacco until 2009 when it was renamed, Tai. It presents members’ loan and savings products via its nine components spread across the country. 

Safaricom SACCO

The society was established in 2001, pooling clients from Safaricom Ltd. Aimed at developing a savings civilization among its members, the society has a range of savings & credit products made unrestricted to registered members.

Waumini SACCO

This society was established to cater mainly to members of the Catholic faith who form a majority portion of the SACCO. However, providing both FOSA (Front Office Service Activity) & BOSA (Back Office Service Activity) savings & loans products to its 33,000 members, Waumini is also available to members who do not subscribe to the Catholic faith. 

Kimisitu Sacco 

This society was formed to cater to people based in NGOs, embassies, international associations, and missions to offer them a platform to secure their conserving in accounts that would accrue high returns.

Kenya Police Sacco

The society was established in 1972, offering a means to save and invest for its members. Diversified, convenient, affordable, and reliable financial products are open for members. The society offers members a 4% annual increase interest rate on savings accounts. Besides, the society has an asset portfolio worth Ksh 39 billion.

Mwalimu Sacco

This is a society designed explicitly for individuals in the teaching profession, incorporating teachers of all ranks, members of the Teachers Service Commission, their kids, and spouses informal employment. In addition, it seeks to deliver financial products & services to teachers.



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