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Best Shares to Buy in Kenya 2022

These are some of the ten most reasonable shares to buy in Kenya today and maintain for years to come. As you all understand, a stock market is volatile, but you can grow your wealth steadily over time with exemplary shares.

Nevertheless, it’s hard to know the most profitable investments with hundreds of stocks to choose from.

We’ve recognized ten great companies that have invariably grown their sales and earnings since first detailed on Nairobi Security Exchange or began producing dividends.

They’re the shares to purchase today and maintain for years to come.

We’ve only picked one stock per sector to provide no overlap among businesses on our list, but where noted.

We also want products with a long-term track history; thus, no newly public businesses are included here.

To be sure we’re examining at companies with a stable foundation, we also like them to have:

1. An outstanding track record in terms of profitability and expansion.

2. Strong competitive benefits barriers preventing or restricting competition from infringing on their business.

3. A strong balance sheet is a financial defense with plenty of cash and very little debt.

4. Relatively low ranks of institutional ownership shareholders who profit from broad diversification.

5. Affordable valuations concerning profits, sales, & book value per share, which you can comprehend about utilizing our interactive Revenues, Sales, & Book Value Per Share widgets.

6. Steady or increasing dividends over time.

List of Shares to Purchase in Kenya in 2022

Here are the most profitable shares to buy in Kenya at the point:

1. Safaricom PLC “A big investment.”

Safaricom is a top provider of telecommunications assistance in Kenya. It’s the largest mobile network operator as calculated by subscriber base service coverage and gains market share with higher than 38 million subscribers as of March 2017.

This company presents you with the highest retrievals in the long run, and it has a payout percentage of over 100%.

The best thing regarding owning shares in this telecommunications goliath is that you can anticipate huge bonuses every year without having any fear of forfeiting much capital due to store market crashes.

It’s probably best to finance big if you can because it will provide you with huge returns in the future.

2. Kakuzi PLC “Great for holding”

Kakuzi PLC is a farming production and processing firm based in Kenya and detailed on the Nairobi Stock Exchange. It has been delivering dividends since 2008, which makes it convenient for any portfolio.

The best thing concerning Kakuzi PLC is that it presents you double-digit recoveries in the long run and nearly zero tax to pay on your bonuses received annually.

You can probably purchase a share in Kakuzi PLC and fit onto it for months, years, or even decades because of its consistency in raising dividends every year since 2008.

3. Kenya Reinsurance Corporation “Good bonuses and growth.”

Kenya Reinsurance Corporation PLC (KRC) is the nation’s largest reinsurer. It delivers property, marine, aviation, & motor insurance products to corporate and retail clients in Kenya.

The company performs as a subsidiary of Knight Lloyd Insurance Holdings Ltd., an insurance fitting company based in Nairobi, Kenya.

One of the best businesses to invest in is Kenya Re which presents you with great returns. It also supplies a dividend yield of over 10%.

The company has been expanding its net profits for more than ten years now, and there’s no suspicion that it will continue to do so in the future as well.

4. Kenya Commercial Bank Group PLC “One of the best.”

Kenya Commercial Bank Group PLC serves as a financial services provider in East Africa, the Indian Ocean Islands, & Madagascar.

It delivers commercial banking services to large enterprises, small to medium businesses, wholesale companies, and people in Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, the Democratic Republic of Congo, & South Sudan.

This bank has been delivering dividends for over 20 years now, and it has a bonus yield of about 9.5%. KCB GROUP also pays out better than 50% of its profits to shareholders every year.

It’s likely best to invest in this bank and ignore it because you can be sure that your money will breed. After all, dividends are paid out twice annually.

5. Unilever Kenya PLC “Strong performance.”

Unilever is a multinational client goods company that produces foods, beverages, scouring agents, personal care products, and skin- and hair-care products. It performs in over 100 countries with some 170,000 workers.

It has been expanding its revenue every year since late 2008, which makes it a suitable investment for your portfolio.

The best thing about possessing shares in Unilever PLC is that you can receive big bonuses every year without having any worry of losing capital due to stock market crashes.

Unilever PLC is a big business, so it will continue to grow as long as the world persists in buying its products, particularly in arising markets such as Kenya.

6. Bamburi Cement PLC “One of the best.”

Bamburi Cement PLC is a known producer and distributor of Portland cement, quicklime, & hydrated lime.

The company works as a subsidiary of LafargeHolcim Ltd., one of the largest building materials producers worldwide. And has been paying dividends for more than 7 years now, and it has a premium yield of over 10%.

Bamburi Cement firm is one of the most recommended companies to buy because it’s not only good at growing its revenue, but it also distributes its gains to shareholders every year.

7. Shares to Buy in Kenya KenGen

KenGen is concerned with the generation, transmission, diffusion, and sale of electricity in Kenya. And has an appeal in the Kenyan renewable energy sector with interests in geothermal, wind, & solar power projects across East Africa.

It generates over 95% of all electricity delivered in Kenya and markets its entire output to Kenya Power & Lighting Company PLC, the biggest distributor of electricity in the country.

8. Shares to Buy in Kenya Jubilee Holdings PLC

Jubilee Holdings Limited is a Kenya based integrated monetary services company. It delivers banking, insurance, asset management, stockbroking, and investments assistance to retail and corporate customers.

The company pays a bonus of about 8.9%, making it one of Kenya’s best investments. It has been expending dividends every year since mid-2013, and there’s no mistrust that this will persist in the future as well.

Even though Jubilee Holdings is not a secure bet, it offers you great retrievals within an extended period.

9. East Africa Breweries Ltd (EABL) “Good for bonus returns.”

East Africa Breweries Ltd (EABL) is the biggest brewer in Kenya by volume. It assembles Tusker beer, Senator Keg, & East African Breweries Ltd (EABL) Export lager, among different brands.

East Africa Breweries Ltd is a detailed company on the Nairobi Stock Exchange. It’s a perfect choice to buy its stocks and hold onto them because it presents you with an excellent dividend yield of over 10%.

The best thing about holding shares in East Africa Breweries Ltd is that you will receive your cash every time without any fear of losing much capital due to stock demand crashes.

10. Shares to Buy in Kenya Equity Bank PLC “A bank that pays rewards.”

Equity Group Holdings Limited is Kenya’s ruling banking group with over Ksh 3 trillion in assets. Its acquisition arm, Equity Group Investments Limited, is accountable for managing its investments in various sectors of the Kenyan economy.

The group has associates in Kenya, Mauritius, Rwanda, South Sudan, Uganda, & Tanzania.

It works through retail banking, commercial banking, treasury services, and investments units in its various markets.

This bank has delivered you great dividends annually since it started paying them in 2007, constructing it one of the best firms to invest in when considering growth and stability.



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