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Brian Martins Ogana ‘Luwi’ Biography, Education, Career , AgeAnd Girlfriend

Brian Martins Ogana is a Kenyan born actor who burst into fame for his perfomance in Maria-a popular telenovela that aired its final episode on 18 March 2021. He performed Luwi Hausa in the program that started on 10 October 2019. The famous actor has had his reasonable share of controversy but that has not covered his celebrity status.
Here is the Brian Martins Ogana’s bio.


The actor was born in mid-1987. He was raised in Nairobi.
Ogana is a fomer student of Mukumu Boys High School, an institution that facilitated his acting skills. In addition, he was a very active member of the journalism and drama clubs.
He harbored dreams of pursuing a path in civil engineering but a change of heart guided him to computer engineering. He registered at the University of Nairobi where he launched his undergraduate degree. He later made a sway to journalism and acting.

Career and Breakthrough with Maria

His father was a massive influence in shaping him into the performer he is today. In a past discussion with a local media house, Brian conveyed how his father introduced him to writings and would give him Shakespeare plays to read.
Luwi performed at a local station for close to a decade before entering Good News Broadcasting System (GBS) as host, reporter, and news anchorperson. He was a communication strategist at the organization steering the company’s interaction with its various stakeholders.
Unknown to many, Brian Ogana has been an actor in the Kenyan enjoyment industry since 2007. He had been featured in verious TV telenovelas and films before he took a hiatus. Some of these popular programs comprise Changing Times, Guy Center, Nairobi Diaries, & Wash and Set. In a different interview, Ogana said, “I just took a vacation and Maria is my comeback”, and certainly it was his launchpad into the mainstream audience.


In the telenovela that aired on weekdays between 7:30 pm & 8:00 pm on Citizen TV before Zora substituted it, Ogana played Luwi Hausa. Maria, produced by the strength couple Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdalla, successfully won the Best Television Acting at the Kalasha awards 2020. Luwi Hausa is a spoilt son of the rich couple William and Victoria. He is later wedded to Sofia and when Maria, a girl from the ghetto, is adopted into the family, he creates romantic feelings towards her. Brian Ogana said the role extended his acting capacity as he had to recreate different emotions in rapid succession. He looks up to Will Smith and Denzel Washington, actors who have greatly influenced his screenplay.

Additionally, Ogana has starred in a perfomance by Brian Mwanzo titled Sweethurt as William, a man in love with a woman he has to leave behind as he chases further studies abroad. When he comes back years after, his girl has moved on and is in an acrimonious marriage. The play explores themes of marriage, Christianity, & gender-based violence.


Brian was wedded to Kenyan supermodel Jacque Naisenya with whom he was blessed with 3 children before the couple hailed it quits in 2020 in an amiable split. In an expose by Edgar Obare in late December 2021, Ogana has apparently moved on and found love too after a video of him being comfortable with an unidentified lady was released.
Hobbies and Businesses
Brian is an entrepreneur who operates his sartorial suit business, sourcing & selling high-quality suits. He enjoys reading Greek mythology and history, swimming, and cooking during his leisure time.

Controversies and Drama

The actor was blamed of conning a lady of over Ksh 290,000 sent out in two installments for a business association that did not take off. He came out in his protection saying, “On the money, we are in a business collaboration with my fiancé. She’s the one who transmitted me the cash since it’s a 50/50 partnership. We even have a partnership deal.”
As if that was not sufficiently, another story emerged online claiming that he was blaming women to sleep with him. Brian reportedly demanded around Ksh150,000 from a lady to spend a weekend with her in a series of screenshots making rounds on social media podia. His fans were shocked as these screenshots were posted from his social media portrayals. To this, he replied by saying. “I did flag out at any point that my account had been hacked and denied any message that was sent out there. It’s both Facebook & Instagram. I firmly believe it’s one of my exes who’s gone the whole hog.”
His ex-wife Nasenya also tolled in his support saying, “We live in a world where technology is being misapplied for selfish motives. Creating & hacking people’s accounts to bully people won’t make you happy but leave you unfortunate for the rest of your life.”



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