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Bulls Eye’ Emmanuel Juma Biography, AndCareer

The Kenyan media initiative is a slippery affair. Journalists are fired at will & it takes guts to survive in this highly competitive career that has been hit hard by the birth of social media and eager bloggers who share news even before it has been filtered. Media owners are only eager to work with the very best reporters. Emmanuel Juma is one such nice example who has remained appropriate over the years. He is famed for the political satire play ‘Bulls Eye’, which airs every Friday on NTV after the prime time news.

This writer will concentrate on the journalist’s career as very little is out there on his personal life.


Emmanuel jump-started his career at the state owned Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC), like many other vet journalists in Kenya. He worked there for a while before entering the Kenya Television Network (KTN).

He performed at KTN as a reporter. While in KTN, he finessed the art of news gathering & reporting news. He used to run a showsimilar to Bull’s Eye which was named ‘Parting shot.’

In 2005, he proceeded to Nation Media Group where he worked as a reporter on NTV. It was here that his political program Bull’s Eye was born. The show was very well-known and aired on NTV every Friday. It was like a summary of various events adjoining on politics that occurred throughout the week. The collection of the clips formed the highlight of NTV Friday News & that was one of the best ways to end-up the week. He also worked as the head of news and as a managing editor.

Being Fired

In January of 2018, he was among the reporters who was fired by Nation Media Group along with other well-known names like Lolanu Kalu who used to air the Malimwengu part. This came as a surprise to many since the reporters was one of the posts of the station having worked there for over ten years. NTV had cited monotony as the major cause of the firing and the company also required to improve their profits.

Emmanuel Juma then moved to work for the newly established Switch TV which was under Red Cross Society & was to rebrand to RedCross TV. A month after its launch, Juma escaped the station to re-join NTV.

According to Business Daily, behind the restructuring, NTV lost most of its presenters and journalists to Citizen TV, which raided its newsroom after employing former NTV General Manager Linus Kaikai. According to the article, Juma’s return started to take shape in June 2018, about 6 months after being shown the exit out of the station. It appeared that NMG was thinking rehiring some of the TV reporters it had sacked in January to fill the plug left by the exit of the reporters it had hoped to rely on.




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