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Comedian Mulamwah Biography, Career, Separation With Girlfriend, Real Name, Early Life, and YouTube Earnings

Comedy is an effectual way to soften some of life’s painful impacts. Many may have a sense of comedy, but using this skill to make individuals laugh is not a cakewalk. Thus, finding a footing in the newborn Kenyan comedy industry is not easy, but Mulamwah has tended to make a name for himself. The mirthful rib cracker is doing a fantastic job in online comedy. The upcoming comic draws his inspiration from real-life situations and empowers others. He has contrived to find the niche and garner a large social media audience & here are some facts about his life.

Real Name & Early Life

David Oyando is his actual name and he was born in mid-1993 in Butere. Growing up, Mulamwah desired to be like Vitimbi’s Mzee Ojwang & Mama Kayai, Redykyulas’ KJ, Anthony Njuguna & Nyambane & Red Kona’s Mdomo Baggy & Kajairo. However, he had a tough father who believed education was the foremost key to success, even entering acting clubs in school was prohibited.

Comedy Career

Joining Moi University to seek a Nursing Degree in 2012 was a gift in disguise. Finally, David had the liberty to do whatever he wanted without the curious eyes of his strict father. The university’s CU delivered a platform for him to develop his comic skills. Concurrently with his fellows, they would act short skits and via this a DJ introduced him to a company of comedians in Eldoret. The company had a comedy show every Sunday and David’s scene name was Muindi. This fed him with little pocket money.

His dream

One of my greatest dream was to serve at Churchill show. Financial limitations were a major hindrance to this dream but that did not stop him. At one time, he pledged his phone to raise transport money to Nairobi so as to try out for Churchill auditions. For 3 years, the online comedian auditioned unsuccessfully for the performance. However, this did not deter him & he devoted for an internship at Kenyatta National Hospital to be near to the Churchill and House Helps of Kawangware auditions.

A determination to succeed

Despite his struggles, luck was not on his flank and he did not get into any of the shows. Then, an idea to upload a video on his Instagram slapped him on February 2019 as he was exiting work. The video was well received and moved his comedy Career.


The 27-year-old is a documented nurse and this is one source of income he has. Comedy is also placing food on the table for him. He says he has received some brand endorsements that have earned him some cash and wishes to receive bigger deals. His YouTube channel has more than 40k subscribers and 2.2M channel views.
Estimated YouTube Earnings
February 2022 about $48
January 2022 about $97
December 20121 about $72
November 2021 about $331
October 20120 about $126
September 20120 about $218
Lastly, he contrived to do his first show on Churchill 2 moths ago proving that persistence pays.
The comedian may not be surging in money, but he is making enough. At the start of the year, he bought yet another motorcycle & posted it on Facebook with the caption:

“The labor process was really long and tough but eventually, the third baby to the fleet is born called liquid, brother to konki & and fire. Then, another job is created to fellow youth man wa mtaa. We thank God for the gifts as we start the year 2020. I usually publish just to inspire someone out there that the method is gradual and that you can be whatever you so wish to be….pole pole tu. Have a fortunate year ahead.”


No matter how exemplary you are, you won’t be everybody’s cup of tea and this is particularly true for David Oyando. While some find his scope entertaining, others have negative emotions towards some of his videos. However, the young comedian takes all this positively, knowing that haters will always be there and he can only thrive by remaining true to himself.
The performer also criticised Wambilianga, a Churchill show comedian for stealing his joke. He took to social media platform to voice his dissatisfaction:

“ We post our videos online because we have no chance to be on TV yet. That doesn’t suggest we don’t own them. It hurts posing on TV at home watching your jokes being served. If they have to be utilised then credits, have to be provided to the initial credits.”

Separation With Girlfriend

The comic was in a relationship with actress Caroline Muthoni, who is known among her lovers as Carrol Sonie. They lost a baby they were envisioning and the two appeared at the time indivisible.
The two have since gone separated ways. Here is the long post Mulamwah transferred on social media after their break-up.
I am not a prolific Writer but I will try …. This wasn’t an easy decision to complete at all , particularly at this point of my life . it has been a tight year already for me , and for both of us too , nearly losing almost everything . But all that are hapening now has been synergized & augumented by the recent “collection” of events best understood to us . The day we first met, we laughed for a few minutes and made fun not knowing that we would be still together for the next 2years . Fate got us together , and it’s here again but for other reasons . I always hoped to have a cute girl but God gave me an outstanding one , more than I had requested for . It has been live , the love … the fun & everything else we did jointly. I can’t realy recall all but honestly, it has stood the best time of my life . I always held you on my shoulders ; I don’t know what you saw aheadwhile was too preoccupied making sure that you will remain at the top . I always thought that when you upgrade your woman, she will stand in for you when you are most threatening, and for many others in society. That’s all I ever expected and still wish for you , the exact best in life , and in all aspects . Lessons are there to be learned, & eggs have to be broken to make omelettes . Mwenye alienda haja husahau , but mwenye alikanyaga hatawai . I suppose all this will one day make sense . Asante sana for consistently being there for me . You made sure that am not a joke. Can’t say any more but wish you all the best the globe can offer in your Bussiness , familly & careeer. I appreciate everything about you and conclusions, what makes you happy makes me pleased too , for the gender is for the goose, For this , Some will be satisfied (Kamati) , some sad but What counts is how you feel and headway on , even as we part ways I will consistently love you and keep you at heart until the day I will experience rigor mortis , livor mortis and algor mortis . The when, the why & the how stays between us . Merci mi amor, Education , Age, Family, Net Worth And Scandals

Standup Comedy was a unfamiliar concept in Kenya until Daniel Ndambuki, popularly comprehended by his stage title Churchill, happened. And it’s through Churchill, Eric Omondi happened, and many other A-list comedians after him. The standup show in a past interview credited his sensation to the platform given to him by Churchill on the hugely famous Churchill Show aired on NTV. Even after Eric left the show, the two have held a good connection to run his personal projects. This article will carefull take you through Eric Omondi earlier life, his achievements & his net worth.


Eric Omondi was born on 8th of March 1983. He turned 38 years this year (2021).

Early Life

Before his parents took him to Lake Primary school, he finished his formative years in Kondele & was a pupil at current Kondele Primary school (form class 1 – class 3). The comedian said he used to suck his thumb & once peed on himself while in school. This dented his self-esteem prompting his parents to thrust him to Lake Primary school. In a past discussion, Fred Omondi expressed fondly of his brother’s mischief and how he would fiddle out of disciplinary crises by disarming his parents with a joke. He replicated a poem in school that was a hit with parents vamoosing no doubt that he was born to the big stage.


The funnyman lost his mom in mid-2004. His father passed from a heart attack while he was still a child. Eric Omondi disclosed early this year that his dad was a police inspector & OCS based in Kisumu. Death also stole the comedian his more aged brother Joseph Omondi. Questioned by The Standard journalist Rose Kwamboka if he worried death, he retorted:
“I do not fear dying. I have lost both loving parents, my grandparents and lately my brother. No one should fear dying, it occurs to all of us.”
His other siblings are fellow comic Fred Omondi, Rose Omondi, Irene Omondi & Pollate Omondi.

High School and University

Eric Omondi life was apparently confined in Kisumu. After finishing his (KCPE) Kenya Certificate of Primary Education examination, the comedian was enrolled at Kisumu Boys. High school shaped and filed his skills as a comedian. His artistry was clear when he perfectly played a role of a woman, which he persists to do in his many skits on YouTube leaving his critic Cyprian Nyakundi challenging his sexuality. Omondi repositioned to Nairobi for the first time in early 2003 to join Daystar University for a 3 year course in Electronic Media. His power to charm audiences saw him take up the position of an emcee-albeit self-appointed. He graduated seven years later after the university granted him a full scholarship.

Joining Churchill

His journey to where he is currently is credited to Churchill’s father of standup comedy. The two encountered in 2006 and swapped numbers after Eric engraved in a gig he was performing. Two years after, Churchill called the ‘skinny’ comic to inform him of what revolved out to be an opportunity of a lifetime. His debut at the Churchill Show was not what he anticipated but he picked up fast & won the hearts of many.

Starring In His Personal Show

After attaining traction in Churchill Show, Eric chose he was fit enough to star in his show. ‘Hawayu’ happened. Kenyans were thrilled until the rubber hit the road. ‘Hawayu’ was a tragedy and before we understood it, KTN had canceled the show over poor ratings. He realized that it was indeed one of his worst decisions:
“It was one of the most destructive ideas because I was youthful and I wasn’t ready. So I think God gave me that chance intentionally to teach me a few stuffs. But it was one of the best fortes that ever happened to me because without it, I wouldn’t be where I’m currently.

It transformed everything and I learned a lot. I understood Kenyans, exhibition and comedy as a whole. It was a useful lesson…”

Piling Debts

After his experimentation that took the fabled life of Simon Makonde came a cropper, Eric saw himself between a rock & hard financial place. No corporate liked to touch him. Shows ran dry & the small time gigs he got, expended him peanuts. His first car that was a Toyota Allion, was auctioned. He also had a 7 months’ rent arrears to be exact. But, like the prodigal son who had strolled to the unknown, Churchill was generous enough to take him back.
His Shows
The ever-ambitious Eric left the Churchill once again. This time he was better set and the timing was right. He needed to give other acts and had grand plans after his exit. His show “Eric Omondi Untamed” was established at the Villa Rosa, targeting the high-end market. It seemingly passed out of a natural death as the comic has taken to act on his YouTube channel.

Endorsements & How Much He Was Paid

Eric has made millions in endorsements sole. His paycheck for the two Airtel ad ‘Kuhama’ brought him a cool kes1 million. But he says the most elevated amount he ever earned for a single ad was kes750,000 as it did not contain expense. He was also OLX’s (NOW jiji) representative and Kenya Wildlife Service Rhino ambassador. Eriko did another ad with Bonfire Safaris.

Eric Omondi has above 530,000 subscribers on YouTube and his videos have around 25 million views. However, his videos probably yield lower income because of copyrighted materials as he usually parody videos of famous songs.


He was designated the 9th funniest man in Africa in 2015. This year, the comedian bagged the most promising African Comedian at the African Entertainment Awards USA (AEAUSA) carried in New Jersey.
Net Worth
In an discussion on YoungRich, Eric Omondi set his net worth at kes30 million making him one of the wealthiest comedian in Kenya. That was 2013. Last year he was in the procedure of completing the building of his apartments in Kisumu.


Eric Omondi name is interchangeable with controversies. From staging arrests to lying about possessing a house, faking impregnating a superstar to hosting a show anointed wife material that got him in problem with former KFCB boss Ezekiel Mutua. But it is most current baby daddy drama that got Kenyans speaking.
Jacque Maribe accused Eric of being a deadbeat father after he posted a picture with a ‘pregnant’ Miss P captioned:

“I met this Attractive Woman 5 months ago in an occasion I was hosting. Whatever happened and I pledged her I would take every Responsibility. Children are a gift from God,.
The former Citizen TV news commentator who shares a son with the funnyman wondered what ‘duty’ he was talking about when he had ignored his own son.
What was supposed to be a publicity gag to promote Miss P’s new single turned unattractive when Omondi asked if he was the child’s father, stating he had only had a one-night stand with Maribe. He stated that Maribe was in a connection with fellow journalist Sammy Ogina at the time.
The comedian disclosed Radio Jambo Japanni Massawe that he had urged on a DNA test to ascertain the child’s paternity, but Maribe flatly denied. The problem was escalating fast, forcing Bonfire Adventure creator to intervene. The two have since made harmony with each other.



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