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Comedian Onsongo Biography, Net Worth, Education, And Career Journey

Real Name Abraham Onsongo
Nickname Onsongo
Age 10 years as of 2021
Nationality Kenyan
Real Father Unknown
Mother Unknown
Tribe Gusii
Education Level Unknown
Place of Birth Nyamira, Kenya
Birth Sign Unknown
Year of Birth 2011
Religion Christian
Career/Profession Pupil/Comedian
Years Active 2021 to date
Net Worth Unknown

Abraham Onsongo, also known as Onsongo, is a young comedian who has trended on different social media platforms over the past few weeks. He is well-known for his humorous videos, which have a tint of Kisii in his Swahili speech. This report looks into his biography, including his personal life.

Onsongo Date and Place of Birth

The rising jokester was born in 2011 and is ten years old. He hails from Rigoma, Magombo in Nyamira County. He is from a humble background and a family made up of two parents & three siblings.

Onsongo Education

Currently, he is a grade 4 pupil at Zana Junior Academy Primary School in Gachoba, Rigoba, in Nyamira County. He adores playing football while at school, according to Kisii finest.

Onsongo Personal Life

Abraham can attribute his fame to the Inajoma Comedy Actors, his managers. The group noticed him while they were in action creating their video. But unfortunately, they could not conscript him to the group since they already had an agreement with Telmo World Media of Baba Jackie. So, with pure intentions of backing such young and beautiful talent, the group flared a YouTube channel; Onsongo comedy Ke.

Onsongo produces short videos after school and otherwise long videos during the weekend. In consultation with White Media- Kenya, the talented young boy gets his opinions fresh from his own mind. He would otherwise state he was born with the skill and did not observe someone else.

Onsongo Dreams

He would like to be a skilled comedian when he grows up. His path has started decently since over fifteen thousand subscribers on his social media outlets. In addition, he has had exclusive discussions with well-known television broadcasting grids such as Citizen TV, where Lulu Hassan questioned him.

Meeting Lulu Hassan

The young comedian’s objective was to meet Citizen TV Swahili news anchor Lulu Hassan. His vision came to pass after he met the Swahili news anchor and interacted with her. He also wishes to meet Jalang’o. Visiting Citizen TV studios, the young comedian engraved Lulu, who had an endless smile plastered on her face. His facial expressions how he answered questions carried out his true character. Onsongo requested the TV presenter give him a dera, coconut & mabuyu. He all along regarded a dera as a trouser. 

Lulu stated that she saw Onsongo’s video after several people sent her a link to the young village boy inviting them to meet. She reposted, and it built the buzz intended. Lulu urged his handlers to continue endowing his talent and hoped to get sponsors. 

Interview With Eve Mungai

In his videos, he appropriately acts like a rude/clever boy. A section of Kenyans mistook this for him being harsh, but this was clarified in an interview with Eve Mungai. Mike said the lad wasn’t rude but was just the character he portrayed in his videos.

Nonetheless, most Kenyans have accepted him well as his videos have often gone viral on Tik Tok. His subscribers have also drastically risen and continue to increase by the day. Four days ago, he was about at 40k subscribers, but he has more than 70k subscribers.



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