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DIAMOND Platnumz VERSUS. HARMONIZE Net Worth, Number Of Hits, And Charges Per Show

Diamond Platnumz ex-girlfriend Wema Sepetu has kept the discussion alive on who between WCB Wasafi creator Diamond Platnumz & his protégé Harmonize is the more significant act. Speaking to Tanzanian journalists, the actress stated that Harmonize brand has dwarfed his mentor’s. Her statements have elicited mixed responses prompting the Never Give Up hitmaker to distance himself from any comparison with Diamond. Wema stated: “Label ya Harmonize inamzidi ya Diamond, siwezi kusema ni kwa kiasi gani lakini inamzidi”(Loosely summarized: Harmonize brand is certainly bigger than Diamond’s, though I cant tell by how big”)
So who is significant between the two?

Number of YouTube Followers

Diamond Platnumz has just above1.9 million You Tube Subscribers-in the last 30 days alone, the artist has drawn 67,819 new subscribers. He has a total of 557 videos from 2011 when his first video was uploaded. By the time of composing this post, Chibu Dangote videos have been watched more than 551,986,834 times. Video views in the last seven days are a staggering 2,727,785. Statistics through cz.youtuber.me.

Profits from his YouTube videos in the past 30 days

According to statistics on cz.youtuber.me, the A list artist yields on You Tube are evaluated at between $ 2.45K – $ 31.5K in the past 30 days. through cz.youtubers.me
datesubscribersvideo views estimated earnings
Harmonize: the new youth on the block who threatens to dethrone his master has more than 943,021 subscribers, one million less than Diamond. He has a tally of 470 videos that collectively garnered less than 234,820,180 video views. His subscriber base has grown by more than 41,033 in the past seven days. Videos views in the one-time week are 3,274,693, over 500,000 more than that of Diamond.


Ranked among the A list musician in Africa, Harmonize earnings in the past month on YouTube are calculated at between $ 1.64K to $ 21.1K.
datesubscribersvideo view estimated earnings

Charges Per Show

The most sought-after artist in the region doesn’t charge anything less than $70,000 to perform in a show. Diamond was cited as saying of his fees:
na kama mnavyofahamu bei zangu huwaga si chini dola elf Sabini za kimarekani $70,000 kwa show sawa na milioni 160,300,000 za kitanzania….mbazo kwa show moja tu ningeweza kuchangia pato la kodi si chini ya milioni 48,090,000 ya kitanzania

loosely summarized: “I don’t take anything smaller than $70,000 Tsh160,300,000 to perform in a show. In one performance I pay taxes amounting to Tsh48,090,000 the artist created this remark following the decision by Tanzanian leaders to ban his songs, a decision that has since been rescinded.


In a past interview, the artist pivoting high on his current hit ‘Never Give Up’ indicated that he pockets $10,000 to perform in a show.
“MIMI NI MSANII, NAFANYA SHOW. NINAVYOZUMGUMZA NA WEWE NINA SHOW TAREHE TANO KENYA NIMELIPWA DOLLAR ELFU KUMI,” (I am an artist who portrays. As we are talking, I have a show in Kenya on 5th and the organizers have already spent $10,000), the artist revealed a Tanzanian radio station.

What Harmonize said following the multiple comparison with Diamond on Wasafi TV
“Mimi nikiona comment kama hizo I feel good. I believe Diamond is scornful of that, yeye ndio amefanya mimi nikawa Harmonize kwa hivyo naamini ako scornful.”
“Such statements make me feel good. I believe Diamond is scornful of that, since he is the one who modeled me to become Harmonize. Am sure he is scornful of me…”



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