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Doctor’s Salary Scales and Allowances in Kenya 2022 Updated 

Do you expect to pursue a career in medicine? Or are you just interested in how Kenyan Doctors earn? Well, you are home because this writing is going to answer your inquiry not only about Doctors’ various varieties in Kenya and their remunerations, but also salaries of other administrators in the same field.

For a long time, most people have thought that medicine is a very sugar-coated career, more so how much the most elevated and the lowest doctor makes.

Yes. Clearly, Medics earn good cash. This strictly follows a certain bureaucracy and obligations given to the officer. It also relies on whether you are operating in public or private hospital.

Some well-established private hospitals pay far much more useful than the renowned big hospitals such as Kenyatta National Hospital. Even though those big public hospitals are more extensive to the extent of being Parastatals.

There are several factors to looked into before a doctor’s salary is determined in Kenya. The most prior one is the doctor’s grade.

The following are Kenyan Doctors Grades & their respective salary scales:

Entry level Medical Doctors

These doctors are those whose knowledge is between 0-2 years. Doctors in this class deal with treating people for diseases and injuries. They earn wages of up to Kshs. 138,000.

Mid-Level Medical Doctors

These Doctors rank higher than the entry-level doctors. They have job experience of 3- to 9 years in the medical industry. Monthly, they pocket between Kshs. 142,000 & Kshs. 302,000.

Senior-level Medical Doctors

Doctors in this category are well-known for a commendable experience of over 10 years in the industry. Their job characterization is to prescribe medications, order diagnostic tests, diagnose conditions, and record patients’ advancement, among other recordable signs of progressThey pocket something not less than Kshs. 238,000.

The Doctors’ Career Classifications and Groups in Kenya

Medical interns/Housemanships and Junior Doctors in TrainingAre usually physicians who have finished training in medical school and have a degree in medicine. These interns typically do not have a full license to rehearse medicine without supervision.

Practitioners in this class also have to undergo another training for about one year before they can be granted a license to become full doctors further. They earn an intermediate salary of Kshs. 132,000.

1. Medical Officers

They play a critical role in the medical industry. Are physicians who are in charge of placement and interpreting tests for the . They study all the patient data and documents important for diagnosing patients’ necessities. They pocket a monthly salary of Kshs. 141,000.

2. Senior medical officers and chief Medical officers

These officers are consistently in charge of hospitals and therefore accountable for hospital matters. In addition, being more experienced, they serve as advisors on healthiness issues and disease control.

They investigate issues that may arise due to having vast knowledge and experience in medical exercise. They also take role in recruitment of more staff in to the medical specialization. They earn almost Kshs. 190,000

3. Medical Consultants

The medical advisors are few hence rare in Kenya. They are the senior hospital-based physicians or surgeons who have finished all their specialist trainings, and have been fully documented by the Kenya Medical Board and certified to be medical practitioners in their area of occupation.

Their work is to care for patients directed to them by other lower practitioners to take out operations and surgery work where required. They earn past Kshs. 300,000 & Kshs. 400,000 on the bar.



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