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Don Bosco Gichana Biography, Net Worth, Career Journey, And Personal Life

Name Don Bosco Gichana
Age 41 years old
Place of birth Kenya
Marital status Married
Net worth

Controversy is a great predecessor for unlimited and sometimes unwarranted fame. Unfortunately, while celebrity can set you up for extraordinary experiences, it can sometimes motivate your failure and attention that is not required. Such is the background for Don Bosco Gichana, whose life has been characterized by accusations of defaulting the law and dodging specific procedures.

He has made headlines locally & even internationally. In addition, he has been connected to a few corrupt individuals. Nevertheless, this has not stopped him from carrying on with his life even after facing life in jail. He seemed to have come back more powerful and is in his character. In this article, we will examine the life, education, & career of Don Bosco Gichana.

Don Bosco Gichana Age and Birthplace

Don Bosco Gichana was born in the green countryside of Kisii in Kenya. He was born in 1979 and is presently 42 years old.

Don Bosco Gichana Early Life, Education, and Occupation

Drawing from his title, Don Bosco, a highly controversial, well-celebrated politician, was born into a highly religious Roman Catholic family. At the time of his humble start, it was not clear that he would become this kind of individual. However, his excellent work ethic from childhood, marked by hard work, viscosity, and a hunger for success, was a significant precursor for his latest sensation. His parents ensured that he got the education to augment his curiosity about the world. In addition, they made sure to demand the value of heeding the Christian values.

Being a learned person, he grew up to be a successful businessman and entrepreneur. Due to his impact, he also joined politics to explore other horizons. He also evolved as a KNUT official at some point in his profession.

Don Bosco Gichana Personal Life

One too many scandals and convictions have marked Mr. Gichana’s life. He served a 5 year jail term in Tanzania & was related to tax evasion in the United States of America. However, the politician has paid laboriously for his crimes and got back into the country where he reinstated his grounding. He is wedded to a lovely wife, Fast Oaga & together, and they have a beautiful family. Although his loving parents are late, he has many siblings who live out of the country.

Don Bosco Gichana Net Worth and Assets 

His wealth comes from the companies he conducts, some of which are rumored to be corrupt. Nevertheless, he is a very affluent man of his stature, and his net worth stays unknown but is staggering.



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