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Dorothy Nyong’o Biography, Career, Awards, Education And Family

Dorothy Nyong’o
Age Early 60s(As at 2021)
Nationality Kenyan
Place of Birth Kenya
Career Managing trustee of Africa Cancer Foundation (ACF)
Fiancé   Peter Anyang’ Nyong’o
Net worth Kshs. 900 Million (approx)

Dorothy Nyong’o, fondly directed to as Mama Kisumu, is the present First Lady of Kisumu county. The amiable First Lady is wedded to governor Peter Anyang’ Nyong’o. She is a well-known health advocate and a director at 7th Sense Transmissions. She is recognized for her efforts in endorsing cancer awareness and authorizing women in society.


She is an alumnus of the United States International University (USIU) as well as the University of Nairobi. She was a former student of Pangani Girls High School back in the early 70s.


Dorothy Nyong’o is comprehended for her impeccable work in both cancer attention and philanthropy. She has delivered consultancy benefits for the public sector, international & national NGOs, such as International Planned Parenthood Kenya (IPPK) & Family Health Options Kenya (FHOK). In addition, she has conducted research for some of these organizations and wrote a project named Strategies for Increasing the Visibility of the NGOs in Kenya.
Mrs. Nyong’o is also the Managing trustee of Africa Cancer Foundation (ACF) where she endorses healthcare. Her husband was analyzed with prostate cancer back in 2010. She has used her role to create awareness on the deterrence, management, and treatment of cancer in Nyanza and even beyond. She is optimistic that the continent will become cancer-free through the Africa Cancer Foundation.

Awards and Recognition

She was feted with Harvard Global Health Cancer Advocacy victor Award at Harvard University in 2019. The prize was in recognition of her efforts to fight cancer via AFC.

In 2010, alongside daughter Lupita Nyong’o, she was identified by the Harem School of Arts for the Visionary Lineage Award. The occasion recognized great black women who led by example as advocates for the significance of arts education through their inspiring achievements.
In June 2021, she was also honored at the Woman of Magnitude Award (WOMA)at a ceremony carried out in New York. This was to acknowledge her efforts in women’s assignments. The prestigious award recognizes trailblazers who dedicate their time to helping women’s agenda in society.


Dorothy Nyong’o, as said in the introduction, is married to Kisumu governor Peter Anyang’ Nyong’o. She is also a mother of six children, including Oscar award winner actress Lupita Nyong’o & Zawadi Nyong’o, a director at 7th Sense Communications, and an inventive director at Zero by Zawadi.

Influence On Lupita Nyong’o

In a discussion with Good morning America, the award-winning actress told the host Robin Roberts that her role in the movie The Jungle Book, where she performed the role of Raksha, was encouraged by her mother.

Lupita voiced Raksha, Mowgli’s adoptive wolf mama.

“I channeled my own mother, who is powerful and determined in her motherly ways. I just think as a woman, I believe we all have it someplace in us and it was about glimpsing it,” she said of her part in the movie.



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