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Ezekiel Mutua Biography, Net Worth, Personal Life, And Career Journey

Real Names Ezekiel Mutua
Age 54 (As of 2021)
Nationality  Kenyan
Education Level Graduate
Place of Birth Kenya
Birth Sign N/A
Year of Birth 1967
Religion  Christian
Spouse  Jane Mutua
Children  2 sons
Profession/Career Former KFCB CEO
Net Worth N/A

Ezekiel Mutua, widely comprehended as Kenya’s moral cop, has been ousted and instantly replaced in his position of Chief Executive Officer of the Kenya Film Classification Board. The news arrived after criticizing such allegations a day before terming their stories. This report looks into Mutua’s biography highlighting his background, occupation journey, personal life, and more. 

Ezekiel Mutua Age and Birthplace

Mutua was born in mid-1967 and hailed from Kaloleni in Mwala. His parents were actively experiencing the local economic activities, such as brewing customary liquor. He was born in a family of eleven kids. 

Ezekiel Mutua Education Background

He is an alumnus of Taita Hills High School, where he accomplished his Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE). Upon fulfillment, Ezekiel Mutua registered at Kenyatta University, where he pursued a degree in Sociology & Linguistics. 

At the same institution, Mutua followed a graduate degree in Communication and proceeded on to the postgraduate level after graduating with his degree. 

Ezekiel Mutua Career Journey

Mutua’s career started at the Nation Media Group as a trainee journalist and later on sub-editor. He was then assigned secretary at the Kenya Union of Journalists in 2001. Six years later, he made his way into the government as the Director of Information & Public Communication and then as the Information Secretary. 

His latest position was at the KFCB, ensuring that the media only broadcasted all-age sharp and protected minors from drugs and substances, foul language, & pornographic material. Ezekiel Mutua’s reign from 2015 -to 2021 shall always be remembered for the intensive steps he took to ensure that this ruling was accurately delivered. 

Some of these contained rated musical pieces, almost-nude photographs shared by Eric Omondi on his public page, a Durex condom promotion, and a Coca-Cola advertisement showcasing individuals in a kissing position. Moreover, Alvindo’s Takataka, Diamond Platinumz’s Tetema, & Wamlambez Wamnyonyez were cut out of public airing. Films and movies such as Rafiki, Wolf Wall Street, & 50 Shades of Grey were also banned. 

Dr. Ezekiel Mutua was substituted by Christopher Wambua effective 6th August 2021.


Since assuming the role as KFCB CEO, he became a household name. Ezekiel is a powerful Christian that believes in morality. His stance has led many to think he lets his beliefs influence decisions. The world today is much different from that in the 21st century. The new era of millennials is becoming bolder and more aggressive. Topics, such as sex, which was once a taboo, are now being adopted. The Kenya Films &Classification Board has been required to classify every film before releasing it to the public. The CEO takes this position to heart and has banned many contents he feels should not be broadcasted during the watershed period. 

These include even promotions. Some advertisements have been prohibited, such as the Durex condom promotion and the coca-cola advertising showcased to people locked in s intense kiss.

Songs banned under Ezekiel Mutua’s rule include:

  • Diamond platinum hit song “Tetema” (Twerk) has been prohibited in public. It is only allowed in pubs & bars. 
  • Wamlambez Wamnyonyez ( lick & suck) is also allowed to be played in pubs & bars only.
  • Alvindo’s (Alvin) song “Takataka” (Trash) has also been prohibited. According to Dr. Mutua, this song is dirty and belongs in the sewer. They say the music stinks of misogyny, violence, and crude vocabulary. In “Takataka,” the main character tells the woman whose heart is as sinful as the devil that he will delight her and attend the funeral.
  • He also admonished local musician, Akothee after photos of her pulling raunchy stunts during a public concert. He said the deeds were filthy, stupid, and demonic.

Songs and promotions are not the only things that have been banned. Some movies he feels go against Kenya’s social and cultural values have been prohibited:

  • Fifty Shades of Grey, a novel transformation movie from the USA, was banned in Kenya due to its erotic scenes.
  • “Rafiki,” a film produced by Wanuhi Kahiu, was also banned. It shows the story of two young women, Kena and Ziki, who meet and fall in love. The homosexuality theme did not resound well with the board. Homosexuality acts are prohibited in Kenya and punishable with 14 years imprisonment.
  • The international movie “Wolf of Wall Street” was banned because of extreme nudity scenes, sex, alcohol, drug-taking & profanity.

If you think the honest cop stops there, then you’re mistaken; he has previously banned groups. For example, in 2016, he prohibited a party after its organizers spread publicity posters in Nairobi saying “no one is going home a virgin,” & it would be “one night to lose your virginity.” The former reporter also insists that music played in public Service Automobiles should fit General Viewing

Ezekiel Mutua Personal Life

Jane Mutua is an educational advisor who operated with UNICEF. Together, the pair is blessed with two sons. 

Ezekiel Mutua Contact

Twitter – @EzekielMutua



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