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List of Fintech Companies in Kenya (2022 Update)

We live in a digital globe where information is stored in cyberspace. This space has made it comfortable for many companies to make it big established on the Internet. Kenya is no peculiarity; several Fintech Companies in Kenya have moved ahead and set standards when it comes to online transactions, whether monetary or social media. For this reason, we shall take a glance at a list of Fintech Companies in Kenya.

What is a Fintech Company?

Fintech is a term used to represent companies or institutions that deal with financial transactions via a technology system. The critical thing to note here is that it’s not just about the Internet but rather a combination of traditional standards and technology.

Most fintech firms in Kenya rely on mobile money transfers and loans to all types of individuals.

This article will precisely offer you a list of Fintech Companies in Kenya. The list is not in any order. However, if a Fintech business is on this list, it is a great company.

Top Fintech Companies in Kenya

Here is a checklist of Fintech Companies in Kenya:

  1. Chura Chura is a Kenyan, web, and SMS-based assistance that allows mobile users to access Airtime and Mobile money assistance across different mobile networks in Kenya.
  2. ConnectAfrica Payments ConnectAfrica is a B2B technology Solution connecting different payment networks. Members of the hub can enable cross-network transfers.
  3. Direct Pay Online. – Direct Pay Online is a positively secure payment platform that makes charges simple. They enable businesses to get credit cards, mobile payments, and cross-border expenditures in specific African Markets.
  4. Eastpesa – Eastpesa allows users to send and receive money within Kenya and East Africa (Uganda and Tanzania).
  5. Musoni
  6. Nomanini
  7. Packline Systems
  8. PesaPal – Pesapal provides a easy, safe, and secure way for individuals and companies to make and accept payments in Africa.
  9. Remit.
  10. Eclectics International  Eclectics International is a technology-savvy company changing Africa through innovative, state of the art tailor-made software resolutions for the Banking, Financial, Agricultural, Transport & Public areas.
  11. Abacus  Abacus builds web & mobile software to support investors across the globe entry African financial markets.
  12. Cellulant – Cellulant Corporation designs and provides a one-stop mobile payment platform for linking businesses and governments in Africa. The company delivers consumer payment, digital and neighborhood agent banking, and remittance solutions.
  13. GrassRoots Bima  GrassRoots Bima is an Insuretech company founded to meet the mass market’s insurance requirements through creative, inclusive insurance.
  14. JamboPay JamboPay is an online payment that allows users to securely make and acquire payments via mobile phones over the Internet.
  15. Kopo Kopo  Kopo Kopo has partnered with Kenya’s Safaricom to drive merchant approval via the “Lipa Na M-Pesa” service.
  16. Kwanji
  17. Lakt
  18. LelapaFund
  19. Lipisha
  20. M-Changa
  21. Tala Tala provides fast, personalized loans to authorized borrowers and helps customers create a digital credit history, or financial identity, over time.
  22. Tangazoletu
  23. Umati Capital
  24. Beyonic  This Fintech Company creates it easy for businesses to reduce cash risk & go mobile across their operations. Beyonic helps to digitize payment workflow and allows businesses to pay individuals with mobile money.
  25. BitPesa  BitPesa makes it fast, easy, and cost-effective for any business, anywhere in the globe, to send and acquire money from frontier markets
  26. Branch   Branch International is a quick and affordable loan giver in Kenya taking care of everybody, including the distant area dwellers and the unbanked. Learn how to obtain a loan on Branch App in Kenya.
  27. Caytree Financial  Caytree Financial helps companies grow their business sell more via powerful marketing platforms and financial tools.
  28. Popote Payments  Popote Payments is an online & mobile innovation app that uses mobile money to allow you to make and manage your payments with full control, mobility, and up-to-date record keeping. Popote Payments returns cash, cheques & expense accounting with an all-in-one, secure & fast solution.

Cryptos and digital currencies

The cryptocurrency market has evolved a vibrant space in the fintech market. People are selling cryptos directly with each other, more than any nation globally. Chainalysis’s survey has rated Kenya the top country globally regarding P2P business trade volume. 


Fintech firms in Kenya are growing at a very increased rate and continue to create competitors among themselves. As a result, the number is expected to rise in the coming years.



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