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Fiona Achola Biography, Education, Career, And Personal Life

Real Name Fiona Achola
Age 30s (As of 2021)
Nationality  Kenyan
Education Level College
Place of Birth Kenya
Birth Sign N/A
Year of Birth 1980s
Religion  N/A
Spouse  Jomo Kenyatta
Children  Wanjiru Kenyatta and Uhuru Kenyatta
Profession/Career N/A
Net Worth N/A

Fiona Achola is a female who has come to the spotlight for her involvement with Kenya’s first family. This article looks into her biography, highlighting her background, educational training, and personal life details. 

Fiona Achola Age and Place of Birth

She is from the Nyanza area but is of mixed heritage as her mother is Kenyan and her father is a Ugandan. Fiona’s mother, Ruth Theddesia Ngobi, is a sister to Cabinet Secretary for Defence Raychelle Omamo. She has therefore always been in political environments maturing up.

Fiona Achola Education Background

She went Pembroke House and later on, St Anne’s Diocesan College. The latter is an costly private girls boarding school in KwaZulu Natal Midlands, South Africa. 

Fiona Achola Career Journey

Elements on her professional life have not been made publicly known yet.

Fiona Achola Personal Life 

Her mother Theddesia and Raychelle Omamo are daughters of former Cabinet MInister and famous diplomat William Odongo. William Odongo Omamo is comprehended for his active political profession where he was among the individuals that battled for Kenya’s independence. During Jomo Kenyatta’s tenure, William Odongo Omamo performed as a cabinet minister and later on would be instrumental in his administration and that of the late Daniel Moi to connect the Nyanza region and the Luos as a political ground. He was a polygamous man who wedded two wives.

Fiona is married to Jomo Kenyatta, President Uhuru’s firstborn-son. The pair has been blessed with two kids – Wanjiru born in November 2017 and Uhuru Kenyatta born in mid-May 2020. The president is therefore already a grandfather at 61.

Fiona Achola Net Worth and Property

Her net worth is yet to be confirmed, although the Kenyatta family is one of the richest families in the country owning several acres of land, firms, investments, and worth billions. 



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