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Francis Atwoli Net Worth, Source of Wealth, And A List of Things He Owns

Francis Atwoli Bio

Real Name Francis Atwoli
Age 72 (As of 2021)
Nationality  Kenyan
Education Level N/A
Place of Birth Kakamega County
Birth Sign Gemini
Year of Birth 1949
Spouse  Mary Kilobi
Children  17
Profession/Career COTU Secretary-General
Net Worth Ksh700 Million

Francis Atwoli is one of Kenya’s numerous vocal personalities, famous and prevalent among millions. Always one to decorate in designer clothes, expensive supplements, and a touch of unabashed confidence to speak his mind, Atwoli has, in one way or another, evolved one of Kenya’s most significant content creators.

His discussions are always filled with passion life, and you can be sure to get a hashtag like “In whose hands will we be safe?”, “Shenzi Sana”, & “Alaa!” Not only is he the lengthy serving COTU Secretary-General, but also a heavily influential personality. Moreover, he is one of Kenya’s wealthiest men, treasured at close to Ksh 1 billion.

Francis Atwoli Age And Place of Birth

He was endured on 6th June 1949 in Kakamega county, where he devoured most of his life before his profession had him relocate to Kajiado and later on move around the globe as his profession needed him. 

Francis Atwoli Career Journey

In a past discussion, Atwoli revealed that he began working in June 1967 and is best known for his revolutionizing trade unionism and improving employees’ welfare in their workplaces. With his work, he has been referred to as the voice of the ordinary working mwananchi.

He has introduced paternity leaves and keen compliance with labor laws in his tenure. Serving the Central Organization of Trade Unions for about twenty years, he has become interchangeable with the union spearheading Labor Day festivities adorning in the characteristic purple shirt. 

Apart from COTU, Atwoli is also a component of other organizations and unions like the Governing Body at International Labor Organization, president of Trade Union Federation of Eastern Africa & Organization of African Trade Union Unity, Deputy President of the International Labor Conference & International Trade Union Confederation, & Secretary-General at Kenya Plantation and Agricultural Workers Union & the Central Organization of Trade Unions.

Francis Atwoli Personal Life, Wives, Family

The COTU Sec-Gen is a nondrinker and of the Catholic faith. He is a staunch associate of the church known for his dedication to attending masses. Atwoli is polygamous and has three wives as of early 2022. His first wife’s is called Jenifer Khainza Atwoli, whom he defines as a respectful wife, unlike his second wife, Roselinder Simiyu.

Atwoli’s third wife is retired KTN news anchor Mary Kilobi. His matrimony to Mary was sharply critiqued given their wide age gap of thirty-five years, something that he ignored since the two have had a happy marriage from 2018.

Francis Atwoli salary Net Worth and Property 2021

Atwoli is a wealthy man and is unafraid to show it. His clothes are always designer or tailor-made and worth millions. He illustrates fancy accessories, including the world’s most costly watch, a Franck Muller, gold rings, and the latest phone standards in the market. These he flaunts on national TV, on one occasion on JKLive pitching a brand new phone as someone attempted to call him while he was being polled.

The COTU Sec-Gen also owns a caravan of luxury vehicles, including a Mercedes Benz S300 Model & Mercedes Maybach 6 Cabriolet worth Ksh 600,000,000. He commented on his wealth and controls: “Kila kitu yangu ni mzuri. Huwezi kwenda kwa matajiri na koti imeraruka”. 

Atwoli’s villa in Kumpa, Kajiado, can only be defined as a palace. The mansion has a 100-car capacity parking ton, 300-person capacity restaurant, multiple guest rooms, a helipad, and well-maintained lawns. With a monthly wage not less than Ksh 5,000,000 from COTU, Atwoli additionally acquires allowances from the numerous boards he operates on. He depends on his salary and runs companies, including an expansive flower farm and residential homes in Nakuru & Nairobi.

Atwoli once lent Cyrus Jirongo Ksh 110,000,000 with no collateral demanded to be repaid in fifty days in a statement of his fortune. The debt was nonetheless not repaid and the matter was escalated to court. 

How effective must one be to have a road called after them? Francis Atwoli’s donations to championing workers’ rights for fifty-four years acquired him precisely this. Mandera Road was renamed Francis Atwoli Road in honor of his efforts.



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