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Francis Ole Kaparo Age, Education, Wife, Biography, Children, Career And Impending Divorce

Real Name Francis Ole Kaparo
Age 72 (As of 2022)
Nationality Kenyan
Education Level University
Place of Birth Nairobi, Kenya
Birth Sign Taurus
Year of Birth 1950
Religion Christianity
Spouse Mpereina Kaparo
Children Bernard, Susan, Stella & Saidima.
Profession/Career Radio personality
Net Worth N/A

Francis Ole Kaparo had the lengthiest stint as the Speaker of the National Assembly, having performed from 1993 to 2008. He was even a great member of parliament for Laikipia East from 1988 to 1992. The fiery ex-speaker had terms as an assistant minister in different ministries. When it comes to protecting wildlife, he has played his role in several conservancies. He was also a board member for both Ol Pejeta and Laikipia wildlife conference and has been chairman of many conservancies in Kenya, including:
Lekkuruki conservancy
Kijabe Conservancy
Ilngwesi Bandas
Northern Rangelands Trust
Lewa Wildlife Conservancy


On 1st September 1950 Francis Xavier Kausai Ole Kaparo was born .


The former Speaker has a Bachelor of Law (LLB) degree from the University of Nairobi and a post-graduate diploma in law from the Kenya School of Law.
In 1977, he was admitted to the role of advocates as an advocate of the high court.


He is nuptial to Mary Mpereina Kaparo, although the marriage is on the brink of collapse. They have four children called Bernard, Susan, Stella & Saidima.


1888 to 1992: Member of Parliament for Laikipia East Constituency.
1988 to 1989: Ministry for National Guidance and Political affairs.
1989 to 1990: Ministry of Supply and Marketing
1990 to 1991: Ministry of Labor
1991 to 1993: Minister for Industry.
1992 to 1993: Nominated Member of Parliament
1993 to 2008: Speaker of the National Assembly
From 1993 the Chief Scout of Kenya Scouts Association.
From 2004 the Chairman of Northern Rangelands Trust and the Northern Rangelands Company

2010 to 2012: Chairman of National Environmental Management Agency
On 3rd of October 2021, elders from the five kin of Laikipia Maasai established him as their spokesperson.
Hon. Kaparo was also selected chairman of the National Cohesion and Integration Commission in Kenya and was tremendously instrumental in Kenya’s reconciliation and peacebuilding efforts after the post-election violence of 2007- 2008. Even as the fomer president appointed him to head the Mandera- Marsabit peace process, he undertook several mediation and reconciliation tasks.


Kaparo’s divorce from his wife of 40 years is now recreating out in the media. Mary accused him of desertion & cohabiting with another woman at Eden Villa Estate’s upmarket off Kiambu road.
She also blamed him for having affairs with multiple women and declared he questioned the paternity of some of their


The two had their traditional wedding in 1981 followed by a Catholic marriage later on.
In a court statement filed at the Kiambu Law Court, Mary charged Kaparo with dishonesty, indecency, and desertion stating that she had never given Kaparo the greenlight to the reunion.
“On several occurrences, the respondent vanished from the matrimonial home for a long period without explanation at all, and he ultimately went away,” she said.
The turbulence in their relationship began in 2017 according to Mary.
“I have never agreed to the respondent marrying another woman.. and would never consent to share a husband,” she said.
On his part, the retired chairperson of the National Cohesion and Integration Commission rejected the allegations of brutality, desertion, and cheating and said it was the solicitor who was guilty of the three. He stated at one time he was bedridden and his wife didn’t see him even once.



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