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HF Whizz App How to Get a Loans in 2022

HF Whizz Loan App is an outstanding Housing Finance Corporation product and a remarkably stable mobile loan provider in Kenya.

They designed the app to make customers’ banking experience demanding by eliminating long transaction rotations.
The app allows clients to perform functions such as paying for bills, buying items, and airtime in a ‘Whiz.’ for this reason, it was anointed the Housing Finance Whiz or HF Whiz.
Also, this app lets customers borrow loans from Housing Finance.
The loans applied are processed within a short duration, and money is sent to the User’s accounts.
This reason is why they have presented the mobile loan app to you as the HF Whizz Loan App.

In this article, I have split down the features of this app and the required procedures for using it. In addition, I have outlined the registration, borrowing, and refunding of the loan.

How do I register on HF Whizz?

To document on HF Whizz App, you do not need to have a material account with the Housing Finance Bank. As long as you hold an ID card, you can use the Whizz App.
You have to download it, install it on your device, and create your account to register on the app. Your account is where you will be running your transactions.

How to Download and install the Whizz app

Visit Google play store or App store.
Type ‘HF Whizz App’ in the search pack.
Click the Install switch.
How to create a new account on HF Whizz
Open the HF Whizz app on your appliance.
Provide the necessary details. (Includes correct phone number and ID number)
Input the confirmation code sent to you via SMS
Set your 4 digit pin
The account is activated.
It only takes a few minutes for you to have an operational account. Or we may state that your account is up and operating in a ‘Whizz.’
Once you have successfully finished the registration, the app requires that you deposit a minimum of KES. 200 for your creditworthiness to be evaluated. Although all loans draw up to a 10% total interest, the cut one can receive as a loan spans between Ksh.1000 and Ksh.50,000.

Here is the procedure for applying for a loan from the HF Whizz App.

Open the app on your mobile device.
Log in to your account.
Select Loans
Select the duration of the loan
Enter the amount you require (This should not surpass your Loan Limit)
Choose a basis for the loan.
They will transfer the loan to the HF Whizz account. Thus, you need to transfer the money to your Mpesa account for other commerce not subsidized by the app. To transfer, select to send to Mpesa and finish the process. The loan period varies relying on the loan, but it does not exceed six months.
Refunding the loan on time donates to a positive credit report and increases your loan limit. Also, transacting through the app improves your loan limit.
The procedure for refunding the loan is as follows.

Repaying your Loan

Open the app on your mobile device.
Log in to the App
Choice Loans
Select Repay loan
Enter the amount you wish to send
Proceed to refund using HF Whizz account

If there are no funds in your Whizz account, there is a chance for you to pay via Mpesa. Upon choosing, you will be prompted to enter your Mpesa pin to finish the process. You will receive a message about your transaction from Whizz & Mpesa.

How do I successfully deposit money into HF Whizz?

When you require carrying out a transaction, but your HF Whizz account does not have sufficient money, you can deposit funds from Mpesa. To make the deposit, follow the process below.
Go to the Mpesa menu on your phone.
Select Lipa Na Mpesa
Select the PayBill
Enter 100400 as PayBill number
Then, put in your phone number as the account number
Enter your Mpesa Pin and press yes.
You will obtain a confirmation message from Mpesa and Whizz indicating that the transfer is successful. Go to the app & select “contact us” at the top left corner when you ought to consult the HF Whizz support team.
You can also contact support through the Whizz social media pages or reach them directly through the toll-free number 0800721400.
Now you know every essential detail about the HF Whizz Loan App. You can then use this app for any of your requirements, including borrowing loanS when in need.
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