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NHIF Bill Amendments: Must Pay Ksh. 6,000 To Benefit

“The Bill suggests to insert a new Section 15A to make it mandatory for any person who has reached the age of 18 yrs and is not a beneficiary to register as a member of the Fund,” states the memo of the Bill.

The National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) Amendment Bill demands that all Kenyans be enrolled in the new Universal Health Coverage (UHC) scheme via the NHIF.Suppose Parliament bears State-backed revisions to the ruling in the drive to deliver medical coverage to all Kenyans. In that case, every adult Kenyan will shortly be required to contribute an annual NHIF payment of Ksh. 6,000 contributions to NHIF.

The government backed National Hospital Insurance Fund (Amendment) Bill aims to make NHIF membership and service mandatory for all Kenyans over the age of 18 years.

After 21 years, only mentally or physically disabled people and utterly reliant on contributions are not qualified for their own insurance.

In a revamped universal fitness care (UHC) plan, they would be forced to pay Sh500 per month for outpatient and inpatient therapies like as maternity, dialysis, cancer treatment, and surgery.The suggested required NHIF membership will improve the current program, which merely needs workers in the legal sector to participate.

The bill under deliberation, which is now before Parliament, would benefit more than 16 million adult Kenyans who are not protected by the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF).

What The New NHIF Bill Means

1. It’s a MUST to record for NHIF whether or not you have private insurer as long as you are above the age of 18 yrs and not mentally ill or physically challenged who is entirely dependent.

2. You MUST pay KES. 6,000 annually for you to be a beneficiary

History Behind NHIF Bill Changes

The Health Ministry assessed a minimal user charge for basic healthcare institutions when retired President Mwai Kibaki assumed office.The National Social Health Insurance Fund Bill, which was established in 2004, indicated that the state contributes Sh11 billion to the NHIF each year to cover the expenditures of poor people’s insurance expenses. Mr Kibaki, on the other hand, rejected the bill, citing the bill’s astronomical cost to the economy.

After years of campaigning, the NHIF raised workers’ maximum contributions from Sh320 to a graded scale of Sh500 to Sh1,700 per month established on monthly income and added outpatient coverage and better benefits for specialized treatments, including renal cancer dialysis.

After carrying out a trial in four counties, Machakos, Nyeri, Isiolo, & Kisumu, President Uhuru Kenyatta is making another try to provide health coverage to all Kenyans by 2022.

Efforts to expand the declaration of the national insurer have been met with opposition from personal sector actors, who prefer to retain the status quo for fears of losing revenue.

Easy Method To Pay Your NHIF Payments

If you would like to begin making NHIF payments and do not know how to pay NHIF through MPESA, you only required to

  • Go to MPESA menu
  • Lipa na MPESA
  • NHIF Payblill Number 200222
  • Put your ID number as Account.
  • Then enter amount you wish to pay
  • Enter your Mpesa Pin.
  • Then click Send.
  • You will receive message from both MPESA & NHIF.

Wrap Up

The effort to offer versatile health care is admirable, but the program’s viability hinges on a reformed NHIF, improved service quality, and ensuring that no one is left rearwards. At the NHIF, immediate improvements are needed to increase efficiency, openness, and accountability.

Furthermore, the victory of this bill calls for the NHIF to strengthen its involvement and contact with the public and providers. NHIF also has to improve how it balances providers by promoting high-quality treatment.



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