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House-helps Of Kawangware: DJ Shiti Salary, Net Worth, Age, Education & Children

It takes diligence, persistence, consistency, and other adjectives you may think of to realize those unattainable dreams you harbor. Steven Oduor Dede, popularly comprehended as Deejay Shitiani or DJ Shiti, best illustrates the virtues of chasing your dreams, the limitations notwithstanding. DJ Shiti has developed in the industry to become one of the most sought-after comedians in Kenya. His expedition to the apex of his career is well established, but we re-tell it, anyway.

Making of a comedian

The funny man sharpened his skills as an actor while in primary school. Then, buoyed by his friends’ support that he was born a comedian, he gave the actor the impetus to advance his boyhood dreams at St Luke Seminary School Kampala. To cement his profession on the big stage, DJ Shiti joined Nakuru Players theatre behind the high school, where he was involved in plays, set books, and stand-up humor before relocating to Nairobi. In an interview on SDE, the comedian confessed having difficulty adjusting to jokes admired by Narobians. He told Caroline Nyanga of his experience attempts to make a name in the capital:

At first, I had complications in adjusting to the jokes appreciated by Nairobi people. After I got hold of Jalas via Lawrence (a cohost alongside comedian Fred Omondi). The latter accorded me a podium dubbed Crazy Comedy, showcasing my skills. As a result, I would often commute from Nakuru to Nairobi during each performance until I finally settled in Nairobi in 2013.

Churchill Show auditions

DJ Shiti, then understood as Magazine, auditioned at the Churchill show, and he did a stunningly good job at it. The little-known comedian had financial problems even after appearing on the show. The comedian slept in the cold Nairobi avenues after auditions. He has kind words for the oft-described ladies of the night for giving him money and momentary accommodation. The comedian has previously been making guest appearances at the Churchill Show.

Joining Real House Helps Of Kawangware

House helps of Kawangware rates among the top popular local programs. It had heavyweights like Njugush, and making a name in such a sitcom would not be an easy affair. DJ Shiti was to only feature in 5 episodes but he had no intention of leaving soon. He gave the best account of himself; the fans adored him, and the scriptwriters had no choice but to retain him. DJ Shiti plays the copyist artist who has this misguided self-belief that he is the most famous musician in Kenya. Even with the mass exodus of some of the performers, DJ Shiti has remained loyal to the schedule that has made him a household name in Kenya.

Brand Ambassador

This is the genuine deal for any celebrities worth his salt. Brands want to be associated with performers who have a following, and it was only realistic for StarTimes to bring onboard DJ Shiti. A report from the Startimes read in part:

“StarTimes Kenya has nominated Stephen Oduor, popularly known as DJ Shiti as the brand ambassador to additionally entrench the pay-television company in the Kenyan market.”

The mega-deal saw the comedian gain upwards of kes5million.

How much is DJ Shiti reimbursed per episode on the famous House helps of Kawangware?

DJ Shiti is paid from kes10,000 to upwards of kes15,000 per episode, raising his rating.


His net worth cannot be evaluated at this point.




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