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How to Become Uber Driver in Kenya.

Are you wondering how you can make additional cash by becoming an Uber driver in Kenya? So how do you begin driving for Uber? Find out in this report how you can enter Uber as a driver in Kenya.

How to Join Uber as a Driver

Like any different job application, Joining Uber comes with a few conditions that you need to comply with to be part of their team. Here are some of the standards to join Uber as a driver in Kenya.

Uber Kenya Minimum Driver necessities

Be at least 21 years old
National Id card
PSV driving license
Have a useful phone number and an email address
Must undergo a full safety assessment process
Certification from Uber
Use an iPhone or an Android gadget running 4.0 or newer
Uber Kenya Minimum Vehicle needs
PSV Insurance
vehicle registration certificate
Vehicle must be 2006 or afterward
Vehicle review report
Partner National ID
A functional radio
Vehicle must have 4-doors

How to join Uber in Kenya Sign Process

Uber Kenya Signup is easy and can take less than 5 minutes. To begin registration, go to the Uber signup page. Make sure to serve up the required details and upload all the important information as required.
After submitting your necessary information, these include your driver’s license information, auto insurance, and registration.

How Uber Kenya registration Works

When done with the signup process, you will require to download the Uber partner app to begin driving. You can find the application in both the Play Store and App Store. When you unlock the app, you will be offline swipe right on the bar in the upper left-hand hub to go online, so you can start receiving rides. Uber will link to Google Maps and direct you to the location where your passenger made their appeal.
Uber Kenya Frequently asked questions.

How do I get paid?

What’s nice is that Uber will dispatch your weekly earnings to your bank account. You’ll also have the opportunity to sign up for an Uber Visa card where you can transmit funds instantly, which does come in handy or via M-Pesa.
What kind of insurance will I require?

I wanted to ensure I got the right infant information, so I messaged Uber support. They informed me from the time you accept a voyage until the completion of that trip and the riders vamoosing the vehicle, they maintain the following range;

Third-party liability

Uninsured or underinsured driver injury
Contingent complete and collision insurance (if you keep comprehensive and crash insurance on your policy, Uber’s policy will cover physical injury to that vehicle up to the genuine cash value of the car)
Can I rent a vehicle to drive for Uber?
Yes, the short response for short-term rental options, car leasing, or certain car discounts unrestricted from top manufacturers, visit Uber’s website for more facts.

How do I do taxes for Uber?

You will use the 1099-K. Form costs are calculated from gross fares, tolls, sales tax, city expenses, Airport fees, split fare expenditures, and safe ride fees. You can locate this on the online Uber dashboard, or Uber will mail it to you.
The other document that you might need to fill out is the 1099-MISC. Reports settlement between Uber and driver-partners, including referrals, stimulus payments, prizes, awards, or other payment payments. If you don’t obtain that in the mail or don’t see it, it indicates that you weren’t eligible and didn’t require to worry about filling it out, so you’re sufficiently to go.

Does Uber deliver a car to Uber Drivers?

Uber provides you with zero rather than the driver app, and 75% of per drive, you take nothing more. On a last note, feel free to leave any queries, suggestions, or matters below. Until then, Happy Ubering.



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