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How to Begin a Successful Real Estate Business in Kenya in 2022

This article will show you tips on starting your real estate business in Kenya.

Real estate growth is a lucrative investment option for entrepreneurs who don’t want to invest in unknown areas.
Kenya’s economy has stood on the rise, and now may be one of the best times to start this business as there are still many unstructured areas that you can cash in on.

How to start a Real Estate Business?

The following information will guide you on starting a real estate company in Kenya.


Before beginning any business, you must research and decide if this field is lucrative and your target market. Then, you can conduct surveys or talk to professional entrepreneurs who may have started something equivalent before for more information.

Have a strategic business plan

Once you have done your analysis, now is the time to draft a business plan. This plan will contain details of how you will create the business, management structure, capital needs, and other things related to making this type of business.

A business plan will guide you on beginning a business and answer some problems or queries that may arise while operating this type of business.

Build a unique brand ​you can be scornful of

Having a memorable brand that people identify with is critical to success. Many real estate firms that have been thriving in Kenya, such as Nyayo Estate and Brookside Investments, began as small-scale ventures and finally grew into large corporations due to the trust they created for their brands.

Legally register the business

It would help if you got your business legally registered before beginning the operations. The enrollment will give you legitimacy when dealing with customers or investors and help identify who owns the business if anything happens that needs legal responsibility.

Raise the required capital to start the business

Many investors even glance at the capital requirements to start a business before subsidizing in it. The amount of cash you will need to create this type of company may vary depending on aspects like:
The number and size of belongings that you want to buy for your project

How much per plot is going to cost

The size of the headquarters that you want to rent.
You may start this company with as little as Kshs100,000 if you look for low-budget belongings. It would help plan how much funds it will require before beginning the real estate business in Kenya.

Market your brand and the business

Once you have recorded your business, you can now start marketing it. This method includes creating a website for your company or advertising through social media outlets like Facebook or Twitter. You can also put up posters about town to inform people about what type of belongings you deal with and how they can contact you if they are curious in buying any of them.



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