In Kenya, constructing a house costs an arm and a leg. However, it is much important to note that the price may vary from town to town and relies on the house’s design and the cost of construction material used.

In Nairobi, like in other significant townlets, most of the dwellers overlook rent. However, a good number of individuals prefer to own a permanent residence. Owning a residential belonging can be done in two ways; purchasing a ready-made home or constructing your own.

A drawback of buying a ready-made house is that it leans to be expensive and denies you the much-needed authority over the conditions that surround the parcel. That is why most individuals prefer building their own up from the ground.

So, how do you make it cheaply in Kenya?

This is a direction on how you can build a low-cost house without having to compromise on the quality safety of your family & their comfort.

The average price of building a house in Kenya

As noted, the average cost of building a house varies from town to town. It also relies on:

i) The typography of the land

ii) The size of the house you like to construct

iii) Material specification

iv) The design of the house

Imagine that people A and B are building a 3-bedroom house. The design is exact, the materials utilized are the same, and the only contrast is that A is building the house in Kamulu, & B is building in Nakuru.

Now, it would command A way less than it would for B to build the house. This is because most of the construction materials required can be found around the area.

When budgeting for your contemporary home, you need to consider the following to come up with an affordable budget for the project:

• What size and structure of the house are you looking for? Remember, the more the square footage and the added it is going to cost you.

• What it will command per square footage. You can do this by benchmarking on houses comparable to the ones you seek to construct. Get the total value used, subtract the price of land, and split the balance with the square footage of the house.

• What kinds of exterior and internal features do you want? To build cheaply in Kenya, you might like to reduce the number of doors and windows.

• What types of finishes are you peeking for? Generally, it will cost roughly 30 000Ksh per square meter for a moderate finishing and almost Ksh. 65,000 for high-quality finishes.

How to build an affordable house in Kenya

So, how do you construct cheaply in Kenya, where the cost of almost everything appears to be skyrocketing daily?

It is not that difficult, really. Most people are adjusted to believe that cheap is synonymous with low grade. I beg to differ; cheap does not work in any waypoint that the house will be of low quality.

This is absolutely a guide on how you can cut down on all building inputs to bring the cost of your cottage down without compromising on its quality.

To construct cheaply in Kenya, you will need to:

1. Buy a surveyed and determined plot of land. 

A surveyed & bounded plot set aside for a building is what is called a building lot. It will be cheaper to build on a tight-fisted building lot that does not require you to pay public assistance or another cost such as excavating, clearing bushes, or fixing vast drainage.

2. Go for a simple design.

When looking to construct cheap, I’d recommend that you go for a simple house plan. Relying on the size of your land, you can choose to go for a Bungalow or Maisonette. Straightforward floor plans are easy and cheap to construct. Also, avoid complex rooflines.

3. Consider the size of the house.

As already noted, the cost of building a house will differ with the size of the house. To build a cheap house, go for smaller square footage that is easy to assemble and cheap to maintain.

4. Go for a multi-story house.

Going tall is another useful way to build a house cheaply in Kenya. These types of houses can have the same amount of living, the yield is the foundation, & the roof will be much smaller.

5. Instead of the wood cabinet, go for open shelves.

Though woods finishes may seem more elegant, you can save a lot by going for open racks or stainless steel cabinets. Incorporate frosted glass doors to zing things up.

6. Recycling 

When building, you do not have to buy all the materials you need. A cheap and more inexpensive way is to recycle. You can also go for second-hand building material that is cheap and of good quality.



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