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How to Make Money as a Student in Kenya

Today, I will be talking about how to make money as a student in Kenya.

As a Kenyan scholar, you face many problems concerning money, particularly with the rising inflation in the country.
There are lots of studentd who want to do businesses out of their aptitudes and skills but lack funds. Fortunately, there are several modes you can make fast cash without placing too much effort into making them perform. I am about to demonstrate these methods will allow you make quick cash and stop you from becoming a portion of the statistics.
So, without additional adon, let’s start:
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How to Make Money as a Student in Kenya

Here are my best techniques on how to make extra money as a student in Kenya:
Making Money Online

As a student, you can create money online through the different methods available on the internet. These days, the internet is the greatest of opportunities. You can make online extra money through the following ways:
Freelancing through writing, web design, graphics design, etc

Selling Stuff Online
Digital Marketing and many more


It is the most comfortable & most efficient way to make money as a scholar in Kenya.
All you require is a working computer or a laptop and an internet tie.
My famous way to make money as a student is blogging sinceI love writing, and it also permits me to monetize my blog posts, presenting me with more excuses to write more.

Working at your school library

Another way you can earn money as a student in Kenya is by laboring at your school’s library. If your school owns a library, then it means there are lots of books that someone ought to sort through and place on the racks. You can readily volunteer for this.
You don’t require any special skills; you need initiative and good time administration skills.
You can make a slight money from doing this, but it adds up once you do a rare jobs and make a good belief at your school. All you require is always to say yes when they request you to help out or be the foremost one to present your help without lingering for someone else to volunteer.

Making money as a Personal Associate

This is another helpful guide on how to make money as a learner in Kenya. With this way, you can make proper money by doing simple jobs that usually take a rare days to finish. This is more or less like acquiring paid-for-pocket money. Of course, you get paid relatively small quantities of cash, but it’s not bad when your requirements are met promptly.

Working as Lab Monitors at your school

Many learning organizations have laboratories that require to be monitored by reliable students. If you are one of those accountable students, then try evolving a lab monitor at your school.

The job is straightforward. All you ought to do is confirm that the laboratory remains tidied for experiments and review on your fellow students to make certain they don’t damage any school rules concerning the laboratory.
You can make a slight money from this, particularly if you are good with people and don’t mind being near them now and then.


This is another method you can make money as a learner in Kenya. If you are exemplary at something, then why not become an instructor?
You can be an English/Maths tutor if you want to make weighty cash, but I advise that you take it comfortable and begin with subjects like Biology, Chemistry, etc., since they are more comfortable to handle.
Once you accumulate a few students, you can set a certain fee for your assistance and increase the amount relying on the number of students. This is one method how to earn money as a student in Kenya.

Beginning a Startup business

These days, anyone can initiate their own business as a learner in Kenya.
All you have to do is be innovative and come up with something extraordinary that will help you stand out from the rest of your friends who are attempting to make money too.
You should not be scared to think outside the box since you are not making the most of your possibility if you feel like other people.
I know many scholars who began their businesses hawking clothing, designing websites, & more.

Doing assignments around your neighborhood.

This is another method for making money as a student in Kenya. If your parents are not satisfied starting your own business, you can consistently do chores to earn extra cash around the community.
You don’t have to begin this right away because it may be withered upon if you are young, but you can begin doing this once you are done with school.
You can wash people’s houses, babysit kids, and even mowed their grass for extra cash.



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