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How to Register a Business in Kenya.

Registering a business in Kenya today is much easier since introducing the online registration procedure. Initially, company registration involved costly and tedious processes, which required one to move from office to office for document proof.

Recently, the Kenyan administration introduced the e-Citizen online platform to ease entry to government services. This was to enable young business-minded Kenyans to start their businesses.
With e-Citizen, you can do a business name reservation and registration while at the convenience of your phone or computer as long as you have access to the internet.
In this article, I have summarized the process of registering a company in Kenya through the e-Citizen online forum.
Before you start your online business registration, you need to open an account on the e-Citizen portal. To create an account, go to the e-Citizen website or click here to log into your e-Citizen account if you have one.

How to register a company in Kenya

The following are the measures to be followed when registering a business.

Business Name reservation

Business Name Scruples are made online on the e-Citizen portal. To reserve a company name, log in to your e-Citizen portal. Once you are logged in, click on the Business enrollment service option, then click on “Make Application.”
After you have related on “Make application,” It will lead you to a new page where you will be needed to tap on “Business Name Registration.” The next important step will be to pick the type of business you want to register and its favored name.
If you want to report for a sole proprietorship, choose Business Name Registration. Also, if you wish to document a Private Limited Company, select the choice that says so.
Name inquiries are processed within 24 hours and from 8 am to 5 pm on weekdays excluding on public holidays. You can process only one title at a time. If the name search is authorized, the name can be reserved for 30 days, within which you can pay and register the Company name.
If the name is denied, it means that either someone has already used it or does not comply with the general policy. The entire business reservation will cost you Ksh. 150.
However, you require the following information when applying for a name reservation; Business name recommendations, physical address, Postal address, two current passport-sized photos, your age, Your legal names as they occur on your national ID, and your gender.
Business Name Reservation is the first stage into registering your company in Kenya.

Business Name Registration

You will acquire an email notifying you if the business name reservation is successful. You will need a qualified and registered lawyer. The work of the lawyer is to formulate the Memorandum and Articles of association for your company. After you have acquired the notification about the availability of your business name, you can move to register the business name using the following process.
Log in to your e-Citizen portal & select “Business Registration.”
Click on the “Add a business” slot and join your valid business name to search for it.
After the name is found, choose it and click “Next.”
You will be directed to choose your role and pay for the registration
Download the invoice and the statement of details, sign it, and produce to e-Citizen. You will be notified about the submission.
Download & print your Business Title Registration certificate
Once you have presented all the required information for business registration, each director will be needed to sign the Memorandum of association and other documents. These copies include;
Form CR1. This is the application for company enrollment
Form CR2, which is the Memorandum
Form CR8. Notice of Residential Address of Directors
Notice of Nominal Capital Share
Cessation Form. (This form is only usable for applicants who are upgrading their company to a limited company)

Once all the forms have been replenished, you will submit them to the Registrar of Companies Office at the most immediate

Huduma Center.

If the registration is authorized, you will receive a certificate of incorporation within two to three weeks after offering registration documents. Enrollment cost for a Company is Ksh. 10,000 while for sole proprietorships is KES. 1,000.
After registering a business, you are required to open a company bank account. You can select either a local bank or international banks such as Barclays Bank. Once the bank account is unlocked, you must deposit your share capital directly then commence the companies business activities.
Having shown you the required procedure when registering a business online, you do not require to worry about what to do to register your own company. However, some individuals find this to be too confusing and therefore look for companies that offer company registration services at a fee.
You should also mention that the government requires one to register with three relevant associations before starting a company. These associations are the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA), the National Social Security Fund (NSSF), and the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF).



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