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How to Send Funds from Mpesa to Equity Bank Account

How does one go around transmitting money from Mpesa to an Equity bank account? Here is how.

Whether you require to deposit or withdraw money from your account, Mpesa makes it comfortable and reliable to transfer money to & from your Equity bank account.
It is now painless to send/deposit money into your Equity Bank account.

How to Send Money from Mpesa to the Equity Bank

Before you deposit any money into your Equity bank account, confirm that you have the following at hand. This will save you time &headache if you make a wrong transaction.
Your correct Equity bank account number.
Correct Equity bank Paybill number
And most significantly, money in your Mpesa wallet.
Measures to dispatch money to your Equity bank account Using Mpesa:
Open the Mpesa menu on your mobile phone
Pick Lipa Na Mpesa
And then, select “Paybill.”
Document the default Equity Paybil no: 247247 and click yes
Next, Enter your correct Equity account number and enter the amount of money you hope to transfer.
Key in your 4-digit PIN and check again to verify if your details are correct.
That’s It! you have successfully transmitted money to your bank account.
Now, wait for two notes from Equity bank and Mpesa confirming your Transaction.
Recognize, there is nothing like Mpesa to Equity charges 2022. Normal Mpesa charges for Pay bills devote.

How to withdraw funds from Equity to Mpesa without Equitel line.

Here is how to efficiently withdraw money from Equity to Mpesa without utilizing the Equitel line.
You can either apply the short Eazzy Banking application, which is a quick and efficient way of mobile banking. Or apply the Eazzy247 USSD code.
What if you don’t possess a smartphone? Don’t worry; we got you covered. But first items first, you need to be registered and activate Eazzy Banking for you to be capable to use the service. Here is how.
How to easily Register for Equity Bank Eazzy Banking.
To register for Eazzy banking, you must visit any Equity bank branch around you to apply. Once you’ve applied and the bank has approved your information. It’s moment to activate Eazzy banking.
To trigger the Eazzy 247 or Eazzy banking app.
Dial *247# and enter the activation password dispatched to you.
Adjust your password, and you are good to go.



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