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How to Shop on Alibaba.com and Ship to Kenya

Today, we’re proceeding to show you how to shop on Alibaba & ship to Kenya. As you all understand, many people in Kenya cannot purchase products online due to the high shipping cost.

As a matter of fact, calming goods on Alibaba is very simple with just a few clicks of a mouse. The shipping is cheaper on Alibaba compared to other places such as Amazon and eBay. Lastly, you can find amazing deals on clothes, electronics, furniture, jewelry, etc.
Alibaba is an online shopping website that provides access to products from all over China & the world. As you all know, the Alibaba station was founded by Jack Ma in Hangzhou, China, in mid-1999.

How to Shop on Alibaba & Ship to Kenya

This report will show you;
What is Alibaba.com, and how accomplishes it work?
How to get begun?
How much it cost in terms of shipping.
And, lastly, we’re heading to talk about customs and taxes.

How Alibaba.com work?

Alibaba.com vs. AliExpress: what are the distinctions.
Alibaba is a B2B(Business – Business) website, which indicates that most buyers are businesses rather of consumers. Buyers contain; wholesale distributors, B2C vendors, manufacturers, sourcing agents, or even different B2B sellers.

Aliexpress, on the different hand, is a B2C(Business to Consumer) website and a sister organization to Alibaba. This allows customers to purchase physical goods straight from suppliers without a minimum order amount.
AliExpress is a great place to buy items for dropshipping. This online retailer has a wide preference of products, competitive prices, and closed buyer security in addition to the ability to buy small amounts of products.

Steps to Shop on Alibaba from Kenya

Here is how to get begun on shopping on Alibaba.com. Rather, you need to create an account.

Step 1

You need a reported account (sign up is free!). You can use your email address or click ‘new customer’ and fill in your title, email address, phone number, and password to record.

Step 2

After you have a documented account, the next stage is to find what you want to buy. Once you’ve seen something, click ‘add to the shopping cart. From there, add any other objects that catch your concentration, and then check out.
One great feature is shipping internationally and having it shipped to Kenya for a bit of the shipping cost from other places. It works by forming an account with your address in Kenya and then deciding what international things you want to buy.
Then, Alibaba processes the charge for you. There are different ways to pay when using Alibaba. These enclose Bank transfers, Visa, MasterCard, Western Union.
How much it costs in terms of shipping.
Shipping prices vary depending on weight and terminus, but there are flat rates according to the Aliexpress website. Shipments beneath 5 kilograms cost $10.00; shipments between 5-11kg cost $25.00; whereas shipments above 11kg cost $50.00.

Customs, Taxes, and Duties

Relying on the shipping method operated(airport or seaport), you will have to pay the businesses and duties imposed on imports.

This article was a companion on shopping on Alibaba and shipping to Kenya! By following the teachings outlined in this article, I hope you can buy goods online and have them shipped all the way to Kenya as well.



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