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Ida Odinga Biography, Net Worth, Education, Career, And Personal Life

Ida Odinga Net Worth and Property

Her company ventures have made her a millionaire apart from her husband’s fortune.

Real Name Ida Odinga
Age 71 (As of 2021)
Nationality Kenyan
Education Level University
Place of Birth Kenya
Birth Sign Virgo
Year of Birth 1950
Spouse Raila Odinga
Children Fidel Odinga, Raila Oding’a Junior, Winnie Odinga, and Rosemary Odinga
Profession/Career Entrepreneur
Net Worth $500,000

Mama Ida Odinga, ex prime minister Raila Odinga’s wife, is a pillar of strength and the model of resilience and long-suffering. She is a woman who has encountered the toughest of conditions in her personal and professional life because of her spouse’s political affiliations but stood strong and made it out strong. As her spouse seeks to clinch the presidency in this year’s general elections, eyes are shifting to see who might be Kenya’s next first lady. This article exposes more concerningMama Ida. 

Ida Odinga Age and Place of Birth

She was born on 24th of August 1950 to a big family of six children and called Ida Anyango Oyoo. Both her parents were doctors with Ida’s father working as a prominent doctor in Kisii and her mother a nurse. She, unfortunately, lost her dad when she was seven years old, casting the family into misfortune. Her mother would now be the home’s sole breadwinner and despite the poundage on her shoulders, she managed to raise successful kids who would not miss out on what they required to live and achieve their goals.

Ida Odinga Education Background

She attended Ogande Girls High School, an organization she has persisted to pledge her allegiance to, giving back in mentorship and positioning up infrastructural developments. After fulfillment, she joined the University of Nairobi following a Bachelor of Education Arts undergraduate degree. 

Ida Odinga Career Journey

She kicked off her profession as a teacher at the Kenya High School, commonly referred to as ‘Boma’ where she devoured over twenty years of bringing up ladies who would become highly successful individuals in society. A special one is Governor Joyce Laboso. Her stint at the Kenya High School came to an fate after the KANU government initiated her expulsion on grounds of her husband’s political perspective against the unilateral government system.

In 1991, Mama Ida founded the League of Kenyan Women Voters intending to create and avail chances for women in the political arena to flourish and thrive. Her push for female leaders was evident in later years when she helped the Bill 2018 that would boost women’s representation in parliament. Despite her struggles and the support of other leaders, including President Uhuru Kenyatta, the bill did not pass in parliament.

On the other side, Ida Odinga is also an entrepreneur who evolved Managing Director (MD) of a liquefied gas manufacturing business named East African Spectre. Trailblazing in this line, she was the foremost woman to sit in that capacity in the company.

Ida Odinga Personal Life 

Mama Ida wedded Hon. Raila Odinga on 1st September 1973 after the two met a while earlier at the University of Nairobi. When Ida was a scholar, Raila operated in the Department of Engineering. She did not comprehend, nor did she expect that she would be married to a politician. Chance chuckled at that! Adapting to the accompanying consequence of being a politician’s missis, she had this to say: “It’s sufficiently to be a wife, but it’s good to be an enlightened wife. Being a wife, it’s just not a part of subordination – it’s a position of power.”

The pair would be blessed with four kids the late Fidel Odinga, Raila Oding’a Junior, Winnie Odinga, & Rosemary Odinga. Raising the children had its honest share of challenges as her husband was consistently away from home pursuing multiparty democracy in Kenya; a factor that had her upbging their children alone when he was imprisoned in 1982. Their son Raila Odinga Junior disclosed in an interview that he only saw his father for the first time when he was about ten years old. 

Recorded in 2010 by The Standard as among the best powerful women in Kenya, Mama Ida has made great contributions. Some of these include breast cancer crusades, fistula awareness campaigns, and chigoe flea eradication campaigns. Back in her high school, Mama Ida Odinga presented Ksh176.9 million to pitch a school library that would sit 500 pupils along with mentorship drives. 

Her assistance in education, peace, boy and girl child empowerment, and women’s requirements won her an honor in 2021 by Hekima Kaka Society.



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