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Instantly Mobile Loans in Kenya 2022 and Where to Access Them

In this report, I will discuss Mobile loans in Kenya. I will detail the top mobile loans providers in Kenya, their rates, & their terms.

Here I will only list the actual mobile lenders in Kenya that are still operational in 2022 that many Kenyans use to acquire a loan. As you probably already unders, there are many fakes in the lending industry.
So let’s get initiated.

What is a Mobile Loan?

Mobile loans are loan outgrowths offered through mobile phones in Kenya. Everything is accomplished on the phone, from loan application to loan authorization and paying the loans.
Clients can devote for a loan via SMS or mobile app to get a mobile loan in Kenya. toodfThey are then given an interest rate in seconds, and they can transfer money straight from the lender to M-Pesa on their phone.
The mobile lending enterprise has been growing, and presently, According to GeoPoll, there are above 120 digital lenders who deliver mobile loans in Kenya. This number excludes conventional banks who joined the mobile loans industry to present loans to their customers.

List of Instant Mobile Loans in Kenya

Here are the leading mobile loans lenders in Kenya:
Mshwari Loans by Safaricom
Number one on our checklist of mobile loans in Kenya is Mshwari. This product is a famous mobile loans service with many clients in Kenya. Mshwari loan was presented by Safaricom in partnership with the fomer Commercial Bank of Africa (now NCBA) and has previously grown its customer base to millions of users.
You ought to be an M-PESA user for at least six months, save regularly with the M-Shwari account, and operate Safaricom Voice, Data, or M-PESA assistance to access a loan from Mshwari.
The loan has a Facilitation Fee of 7.5%, and the loan period is 30 days. For instant, if you borrow Ksh 1,000, you will disburse back Ksh 1,075 after 30 days.

KCB M-Pesa

Another famous mobile loan lender in Kenya is KCB M-Pesa. The loan as the name is delivered by KCB Bank and M-Pesa. You can access this loan installation through the Safaricom M-Pesa toolkit on your phone or via KCB App.
The loan period is one month and costs an 8.64% stake rate, including excise duty applicable on fees.
To equip, you need to have a good credit score and hold for a while on the platform.
Timiza Mobile Loan in Kenya
Timiza is a good mobile app from Barclays Bank of Kenya now (Absa Bank) that serves as a digital outlet offering different financial services such as loans, insurance, and a bank account.
The loan from Timiza is levied with an interest rate of 1.083% plus a facility cost of 5% on the amount borrowed. Lately, they introduced taxes that are counted to the loan interest. The loan refund period is 30 days, and Timiza assembles loan M-Pesa or subtracted from your Timiza Account.

NCBA Loop Loan

Loop is a creation of the NCBA Bank that offers digital banking assistance. It is a mobile-based app that allows you to make financial transactions and control your finances through the app.
The loop permits you to access loans of up to Ksh 3 Million and an Overdraft up to Ksh 100 000 without any required paperwork needed. The money is directly deposited to your Loop App
& can be utilized whenever you want.

MCo-op Cash Loan

MCo-op cash is another mobile banking App from the Co-op Bank that delivers mobile loans to its customers. The Co-op bank clients can Borrow from Ksh 3,000/ maximum of Ksh 200,000 and refund within 1 to 3 months.
To acquire a loan from MCo-op, you need to:
Have the Mco-op Cash App
Be a client of Co-op Bank
Record on Mobile banking

HF Whizz Mobile Loan

HF Whizz is a good Mobile App from the HF group, recorded as a non – operating holding firm and regulated by the Central Bank of Kenya. It allows you to manage and access your finances anywhere, anytime.
The HF Whizz app authorizes you to use the platform and access loans whenever you permit.

Eazzy Loan

Equity Bank presents the Eazzy loan to its clients. You can access the loan via the EazyApp or Equitel line, where you can borrow up to KSh 3 million immediately.
The loan period is from one month to many months, depending on the quantity borrowed.

Pesapap loan app

The family bank presents mobile loans in Kenya via their PesaPap platform. The platform permits Family Bank customers and non-customers to access cheap instant mobile loans via PesaPap wallet to meet their personal and trouble needs.
The loan draws a fee of 6.62% and is taken upfront when you borrow the loan.

Vooma Loan

This the KCB Bank Vooma Loan, previously known as KCB mobile loan.
Vooma is a lending product that allows your mobile phone key to short-term loans. Vooma Loan is unrestricted to KCB customers registered on KCB mobile banking at more increased limits of up to KES 300,000 for 1- month at a total cost of 5.91%.
You can get the loan on the KCB mobile app or via the KCB mobile banking USSD code.
The overhead are mobile loan providers from Commercial banks in Kenya. There are different other loans providers in Kenya, and I have documented them below.
The digital lenders down are considered unregulated by the Kenyan Government and are run virtuously on mobile loan apps.
Tala loan app
Branch Loan App
Zenka loan
Okash loan app
iPesa loan app



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