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Is Cisco CCNA Credential Exams Still Worth It in 2022?

You may have detected that a majority of companies and organizations have migrated toward the pall. And those who have not been on the verge of doing so. This is why you can see the development of cloud and virtualization technologies have reaped up a lot of paces.

This is not just it. The whole networking initiative has been holding its place despite the entire digital world being hit badly by the pandemic. Actually, due to the pandemic, the need for network and cloud specialists has actually improved. So, what do you think? Does the Certbolt make sense now? Well, let’s get into a bit more particular.

 Concerning the Cisco CCNA credential

The Exam-Labs certification tests & validates your understanding of network, IP connectivity, benefits, security, automation, and programmability to keep it brief. In the meantime, since its opening in 1998, it has been steadily updated to fulfill the latest technological demands and trends. Thus, it has and always will focus on building a strong foundation for energetic individuals who are eager to start a profession in networking.

 Is the CCNA certificate still relevant?

Before you start, try to keep in the mentality that the networking industry will not sink before you start. This makes it among the most relevant IT fields to develop a thriving career in. So, the Cisco CCNA credential acts as a portal to the network business.

Meanwhile, the 200 to 301 is the exam that you require to take to acquire the CCNA credential by Cisco, which has obtained tons of upgrades to its overall syllabus overtime to keep up with the latest technological needs. So, exams 200 to 301 consist of topics related to wireless networks, security, industrialization, and more. Thanks to that, the CCNA accreditation track qualifies candidates to perform complicated tasks that they are anticipated to do in this ever-evolving networking industry.

Furthermore, having the Cisco CCNA capability suggests better chances of getting employed. Why? Because the Cisco CCNA badge on your summary makes it easy for the recruiter to determine your eligibility in completing the needed tasks. This certificate proves you’re trained in networking concepts and have what it carries to perform your job efficiently and actually. And since this certification is worldwide accepted, you will have no problem operating abroad if you plan to.

At the same time, this Cisco credential is valid for three years, so that eliminates the worry of having to retake the qualifying exam before you get hired.


Are you yet in doubt that the Cisco CCNA certification was still worth it in 2021? Recall that the networking industry is rising steadily, and so is the need for networking specialists. Considering that IoT, big data, etc., all rely on a solid network to work, networking is more important than ever before. So, there is no most appropriate way to get yourself into the networking industry other than by reaching the Cisco CCNA certification. Go for it!



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