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Jacque Maribe Biography, Education, Age, Family, Lovers, Scandals And New Job

Life has numerous twists and turns. One minute you appear to have everything beneath control. Your career is on an upward course. Your friends are who is who in society. Everything you have worked hard for comes crushing down like a house of cards as you get satisfied. Former Citizen news commentator Jacque Maribe’s story, at least one chapter of her yet to be completed book, fits that opening. Here is her bio:

Early Life

The ex-TV siren was born on 18th of December to Mr. & Mrs. Maribe Mwangi. Her year of delivery is not in the public domain. However, she was a student at State House Girls School before entering University of Nairobi where she finally graduated with a bachelor degree in journalism.
In mid-2005, Maribe played Wanza Kiluhu in the Constant Gardener’s award-winning film. She moved on to join K24 TV in 2009 for a duration of two years as a senior political journalist. She joined Radio Africa Group from December 2011- October 2012 as a political affairs correspondent. She worked at Citizen TV from the year 2012 before her surprising resignation in 2018.


Working for Citizen TV gave her some stability lacking in some media houses. The media character gave birth to a bouncing boy who is called Zahari on 14th of May 2014. In addition, she was romantically involved with comic Eric Omondi and the relationship appears to have been restored towards the end of 2019.

Omondi told a ultimate media news outlet of his connection with the mother of his son:
Tulikutana na mrembo Jacque Maribe akiwa anafanya hapa. Mimi naye nilikuwa nafanya Radio Jambo, yeye alikuwa anafanya kwa Kiss TV. Alikuwa reporter Kiss TV. Tukapatana na tukakuwa marafiki sana. Tukaenda na yeye date pale Java Sarit Center. Tukawa marafiki na mimi nikatoka yeye akatoka akenda Citizen. Since then were closed. We’re the best of buddies na sisi tunajiambia kila siku; whatever happens, we’ll stay best of friends. Tunajikumbusha kila siku. She’s a real friend…” loosely summarized: (I met Jacque Maribe when she was performing here. I was working at Radio Jambo as she was performing at Kiss TV as a reporter. We evolved friends and that’s how we began dating. We have stayed best friends and have always reminded ourselves that we will be soundest friends)
To remove any suspicions of Eric being the father of Zahari, Maribe shared this on social media:

Turbulent Relationship

If Maribe had the ability to turn back the arms of time, she would not keep dated Joseph Irungu’ Jowie’. The fun-loving, then 28 year old man with killer looks was charged of being behind the murder of businesswoman Monica Nyawira at Lamuria Gardens flat in Kilimani Estate. Maribe was blamed of being an accessory overseeing to her arrest. From reading the news to becoming a newsmaker herself, Maribe’s name was dragged in the mud and it did not come as a big shock when CitizenTV settled to cut her off. However, her father stood by her through thick and thin. Ex-Director of Digital Communication in the President Dennis Itumbi explained what friendship is all about.
Maribe was freed from remand on Ksh1 million cash bail and was given an alternative of Ksh2 million bonds or three sureties of a equal amount.

Itumbi was always current when Maribe appeared before the courts. He took to his social media outlet to rubbish police accounts connecting the TV siren to the murder of Monica.

Citizen TV Issues Maribe Ultimatum

Jacque Maribe was given two choices: to either resign or confront the sack. She opted for the latter. One of her bosses issued this warning after photos of her and Dennis Itumbi in a police station appeared online. Itumbi had been detained for allegedly writing a letter alleging a plot by 4 cabinet secretaries to kill Deputy President, William Ruto.
According to a story posted by Kenyans in 2018:
“The leaders felt that she had fooled them into giving her time off work. Instantly after pictures of Maribe in the company of Itumbi at Muthaiga police cells gone viral, one of the bosses summoned her on phone and requested her to either resign or encounter the sack.”

New Job

The former news anchor performed for club 1824 for a short time.

Political aspiration

Jackie will compete for the Muranga county Woman Representative chair in the 2022 general elections. Talking to Tuko, the journalist said she had seen gaps in the present leadership that she will address.
She told the online journal,”
“If individuals say I should go for the seat, who am I to deny? You know I was a political journalist for many years and as a reporter, you get to see oversight gaps that can easily be addressed….”



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