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Johnson Mwakazi Biography, Education, Family, Media Career, And Current Investment

Real Name Johnson Mwakazi
Age N/A
Nationality  Kenyan
Education Level Graduate
Place of Birth Kenya
Birth Sign Leo
Year of Birth N/A
Religion  Christian
Spouse  Kendi
Children  2 kids
Profession/Career Journalist 
Net Worth $100,000


Former Citizen TV power breakfast news anchorperson Johnson Mwakazi is ranked among the A-list reporters in Kenya. As a man who was brought-up in the wretched Kibra slums and lost his parents at a young age, Mwakazi depended on the power of following his passion in art which finally paid handsomely as he was picked from the streets, without any education in media and discovered his way to Royal Media Services.

Education and struggles

Mwakazi studied at Kibera Primary School & later joined Jamhuri High School in Nairobi. He has earlier confessed to being haunted by his addiction to graphic content after he was introduced to the sin while in class 8.
The media character managed to disentangle himself from the addiction while in high school when he chose to dedicate his life to strict Christianity.
“Anytime I pledged (in watching explicit content) I felt a logic of guilt, I knew this was a sinful thing..it was a sin against God, but He got me to a moment of stillness; in my spirit, I heard a very stealthed voice speaking: I love you,” Mwakazi stated in a past interview.
After secondary schooling, Mwakazi entered Kenyatta University, but his mother, who was the family’s only breadwinner, couldn’t afford to pay for his tertiary schooling.
Mwakazi later handled to successfully pursue a bachelor of arts in Daystar University (2008 to 2013) after selecting his prowess in Royal Media Services.


Mwakazi is the last-born in a family of seven and was brought up in deplorable Kibra slums. His dad was a drunkard who neglected the family, and therefore Mwakazi relied on his mother, who earned a little ksh 3000 monthly as a cleaner in Nairobi.
Formerly, his mother was in another matrimony that failed. Interestingly, after the demise of both parents, Mwakazi’s stepdad (the mother’s first husband) housed him and raised him.
Mwakazi is wedded to a Meru woman identified as Kendi, and they are blessed with 2 kids. As ahead of the family, he engages the children in a family gathering every Sunday. He also mentors his kids in business and learning foreign languages.

Media Career

Mwakazi anchored his first job at Hot 96 radio after being branded while acting at Kenya National Theater.
“I was acting in a routine, and there was a gentleman in the audience who said he liked to know more about me. He asked me whether I could perform on radio,” Mwakazi indicated.
After 2 years at Hot 96, Mwakazi would later be presented into television news anchorage. He started by hosting the power breakfast show, where his deep voice gained him thousands of fans. Then, because of his captivating voice, he was hired as Royal Media Services’ commercial voice-over advertisement.
After a couple of years, Mwakazi quit Citizen TV and entered a start-up media station named W TV under Fountain Media Group. Despite the media house failing to soar in the competitive industry and beating its deathbed in less than 3 years, he was the editorial director.

Contemporary Investment

Mwakazi is the originator of Royal Voice International, involved in publicity, occasion organization, and mentorship. He still does voice-over commercials, and more often, you can attend his distinctive voice on Citizen TV advertisements.



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