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Julie Gichuru Biography, Education, Age, Parents, Son, Daughter, Life History, Net worth, Wealth, Business

Real Name Gathoni Sumira Gichuru
Age 48 (As of 2022)
Nationality  Kenyan
Education Level Graduate
Place of Birth Kenya
Birth Sign Leo
Year of Birth 1974
Religion  Christian
Spouse  Anthony Gichuru
Children  Daniel Gichuru, Joseph Gichuru, Kimoshe Gichuru, Njeri Gichuru
Profession/Career Journalist 
Net Worth $100,000

Julie Gichuru Profile
Julie Gathoni Sumira Gichuru was born on 7 of January 1974 in the Wanyee estate, Dagoretti, Nairobi. Julie Gichuru is a Kenyan reporter & news anchor who formerly worked for Royal Media Services as Group Digital Business Manager and talk presentation host. She’s now at KBC.

Julie Gichuru Education Background

Julie Gichuru attended St. Christophers School in Nairobi & at the age of eight, partook at the Green Herald in Bangladesh, where her dad was stationed for military training.
On returning to Kenya, Julie spent a term at Karen C school based in Karen before moving to Loreto Convent Msongari in Standard Four.
In Form 2, Julie convinced her parents to transfer her from the local 8-4-4 system to a GCE boarding school, and she joined Imani School in Thika for Form 3 and 4.
After this, she completed two Semesters at USIU before transferring to the UK, where she did a one-year pre-University Course at Warwick University.
Julie then obtained a place at the University of Wales, Cardiff, for her Law Degree. Once completed, she worked for a year to help finance her Masters’s degree and completed her Masters’s in Business Administration at the same University.

Julie did her pupillage at Hamilton, Harrison & Matthews Advocates in Nairobi for a brief period before pursuing a different profession path in the media.

Julie Gichuru Job History

Julie Gichuru initially worked at Capital FM before moving to television as a journalist and news commentator at Kenya Television Network, part of The Standard Group.
She launched the investigative string The Inside Story during her time there, which concentrated on lawlessness, crime injustices, and inequity in Kenya.
She later worked at NTV before moving to her current role at Royal Media Services.
Julie’s profession in the media over the past 15 years has witnessed her work across the areas of broadcast, print, and digital media.

In 2000-2002 Julie ran a lifestyle magazine named Quest. Then, moving on to broadcast, she served as a news presenter. She hosted a hard-hitting radio talk show at Capital FM before traveling to television. She has created and hosted a register number of positively successful news and current matters shows across several media houses.

Julie served with Citizen TV to conceptualize and host the groundbreaking news show Sunday Live with Julie. This frontiersperson news and present affairs show established in 2008 at Citizen TV, redefining the style and delivery of segments in Kenya.

In 2009 Julie conceptualized & hosted Fist to Five for Change, which facilitated reconciliation and healing for victims and perpetrators of post-election brutality in Kenya. She has furthermore pioneered many television shows, from the foremost Kenyan investigative TV series, The Inside Story, to different recent affairs shows, including the celebrated post-election peace specials Voices of Reason.

Julie Gichuru House

Anthony and Julie Gichuru established the Footprints Africa Foundation to help empower and grow wholesome, noble, and informed societies in the region. FAF supports the Great Arguers Contest & the Africa Leadership Dialogues, both outlets for discussing and swapping ideas on African challenges and options.

These forums are now televised for leverage across millions of households. FAF also reinforces the Natembea Campaign launched by the Visma Group’s youth group. This campaign empowers people with health and hygiene information and supplies shoes to schools in highly disadvantaged areas.

She is a champion of the Martin Luther King Salute to Greatness Award.

Julie Gichuru Parents

Julie is of diverse race, with her father’s family originally from Kashmir & her mother’s home from Kiambu. Her grandfather was born in Kabete. She lived along Wanyee Road in Dagoretti, Nairobi, in her earlier childhood. Mother & father divorced later.

She has three brothers & one half-sister.

Julie Gichuru Husband

Julie Gichuru is wedded to Anthony Gichuru and entrepreneur in Nairobi.

Julie Gichuru Family, Children

Julie Gichuruand Anthony Gichuru has had 5 kids. They are Daniel Gichuru, Joseph Gichuru, Kimoshe Gichuru, Njeri Gichuru

Julie Gichuru Wealth, Net worth And Business

Julie Gichuru is an entrepreneur & African media personality. Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Primus Media Limited, a production house focused on quality AFRICAN content, & MIMI HOLDINGS LTD, a fashion retail business.

She launched MCheza Sports gambling lottery. The proceeds are hoped to glimpse for talent from those undeveloped areas & try to offer them a chance to make a possession out of it.

Julie Gichuru Contacts

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheRealJulieGichuru

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/juliegichuru

Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/u/2/109076851153997240323/posts



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