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Julius Mwale Biography Affluent Kakamega Tycoon Regarded Richest Man In Western Kenya

Real Name Julius Mwale
Nickname Julius Mwale
Age 33 years
Nationality Kenyan
Real Father Unknown
Mother Unknown
Tribe Luhya
Education Level Bachelor’s Degree
Place of Birth Lunza village in Butere
Religion Christian
Spouse/Girlfriend Name N/A
Children None
Career/Profession Telecommunications architect
Years Active 1995 to date
Net Worth ksh 27.6 Billion (approx)

Mwale was employed initially at the Kenya Airforce as a telecommunications architect but fled the country, through Uganda and Zimbabwe before pursuing asylum in the US.
The mogul is behind the multi-billion Mwale Medical & Technology City that is founded in Butere, Kakamega. He broke the glass ceiling through pioneering biometric technology and combining it with two-factor authentication as a protected way for online banking systems.
In his passionate words, William Shakespeare wrote that there is always light if only we’re daring to see it & if only we’re brave adequately to be it. These words appear to precisely mirror the life of Julius Mwale. This technology enthusiast went to school barefoot but is now an habitual billionaire savoring life on the first route.


Mwale rose up in Lunza village in Butere, Kakamega County. In a past interrogation with Capital FM, he disclosed that his parents were business people and so automatically enacted the mantle to him. However, Mwale recently said that his parents passed on when he was still young.


In an discussion on Capital FM in 2009, the business tycoon stated that he was 33 years old. This means he was born in mid-1976 and is currently 46 years old.


Mwale proceeded to a local primary school in Lunza village and later entered Mukumu Boys Secondary School before entering college to pursue a diploma in telecommunications engineering. According to him, technology has a broader market than any other experienced career.
“I knew by obtaining that (technology) I can compete with any individual in the world. You know becoming a dentist or a doctor is fine but I knew being a doctor in Kenya would truely limit me to only the conditions and diseases in Kenya. But, nevertheless, being a telecommunications engineer, I would be multinational; I would be able to access resources globally,” he said.
He later entered the Kenyan Airforce, majoring in technology analysis and internet infrastructure. However, it is alleged that he was mired in a tussle with some individuals over academic property issues, which forced him to exit the country.
While in the US, he explored electrical engineering at Columbia University.

New York City Asylum

Mwale first recompensed in Uganda but was paranoid over his safety, which forced him to flee to Zimbabwe before fleeing to the US in mid-2001. For the initial year, Mwale who had a blazing ambition to make a breakthrough in technology encountered a tough life and it dawned on him that achieving his wishes would be a steep slippery climb.

He compromised in a homeless shelter that was a budget for low class people as he desired to be granted asylum. Sadly, his laptop, a priceless gem that included bulky research data, was stolen. As a result, the courageous Mwale was forced to utilize the public library even though he was rigidly confined to use the computers for an utmost of 30 minutes.
The huge culture shock further pricked his troubled life that he experienced – including different language, climate and food.
“Homeless shelter is central off the people coming from jail; you meet individuals that are not mainstream people in the community, but my focus was to work on my technology – the atmosphere wasn’t very important,” Mwale disclosed in a recent interview on YouTube.

Launch of SBA Technology

Mwale later worked to join Columbia University to study electrical engineering even though his main priority was to use this opportunity to create complex connections. He was eventually triumphant and launched SBA Technology, a company which he was the president and head of the strategy.
The company pioneered a wave-based biometric system in New York, an unusual locality for a technology firm. Via this company, Mwale was able to develop a whooping 2 million US dollars and employed engineers across the globe. The company had 60 employees by 2003 and among the first reputable customers that procured its services was the Bank of New York.
In 2004, SBA’s investment got a huge growth that would skyrocket it to unprecedented tiers when a two-factor authentication legislation was passed and later effected in 2006. The biometrics acquisition paid off handsomely and he ploughed the funds into the Mwale Medical and Technology City acquisition.

The Mwale Medical and Technology City

The 45 year old established the Mwale Medical and Technology City (MMTC) that is founded in Butere, Kakamega county. According to Mwale, he expended USD4 million to conduct a feasibility study between 2007 & 2012. Initially, the acquisition was to be based around Nairobi urban counties but through research, they learned there would be a lot of limitations concerning land and it was thought Nairobi wasn’t strategically located for the broader East African market.

MMTC is comprised of 5 districts: Plaza district that has a mall and the Hampton’s hospital, golf course district, Grand district that is home to upscale people, airport and industrial community that posess of a 10 mega watts solar power manufacturer and a ksh 28 billion acquisition in a data centre.
The Hampton’s Hospital, a 5000 bed structure, was set up to loosen the hindrance of Kenyans and East Africans from touring to India for medical attention. Due to studies operated, the idea behind setting up the hospital was to tap into the billions that was expended towards abroad treatments by presenting an alternative & cheaper solution. Currently, the hospital has instituted at least 5000 jobs and according to Mwale the numeral of workers by the end of 2022 would be at least 20000.

Mumias Sugar Bidding

In a move to revitalize Mumias Sugar Company which is presently under receivership, a firm connected to Mwale is said to have made the most elevated bid among 8 interested investors. According to Business Daily, Tumaz and Tumaz company is said to have made a ksh 27.6 Billion for a span of 25 years.



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