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KRG The Don Biography, Education, Career, And Personal Life

Real Name KRG The Don
Age 30  (As of 2021)
Nationality  Kenyan
Education Level N/A
Place of Birth Nairobi
Birth Sign Capricorn
Year of Birth 1991
Religion  Christian
Spouse  Ex-Linah Wanjiru
Children  N/A
Profession/Career Musician, entrepreneur
Net Worth $1,000,000

KRG The Don is a Kenyan-based melodious artist ranked among the most affluent young artists in the country. At a young age, he defines himself as a non-average Kenyan billionaire. Despite allegations and gossip that his wealth is from an illegal business, aka money laundering, KRG The Don has rejected these and says he is willing to account for his money. This article looks into his biography, emphasizing his background, education, career journey, and private life.

KRG The Don Age and Birthplace

On Jan 14, 1991, he was born in Nairobi to a well-off family that invested in his potential. 

KRG The Don Education Background

He attended his education in Nairobi and said that his entrepreneurial skills booted off when he was just a teenager in high school. His parents used to give him pocket funds worth Ksh 150,000, and out of that would utilize Ksh 110,000 in a shylocking company to his student colleagues.

KRG The Don Career Journey

Starting at the age of sixteen, KRG The Don went into music. He defines himself as a versatile singer, although this is not his main focus. His parents funded his deejaying training, an endeavor he says he is deeply emotional about. KRG The Don went on produce tune in his musical career & so far has more than seven songs released. His prevailing genre is dancehall, though he ensures his fans are versatile. Worth noting is that most of his tunes have collaborated with Jiggy, whom he represents as a fit musical partner. Some of his songs include Whine & Drop and Ushasema.

GGG Hood Records and Herbal Records produced Don’s music before he set up his Fast Cash Music label. The title records audio and visuals for singers across the country, and he is set to be recording his music from the brand.

KRG The Don Personal Life 

The billionaire divorced his missis after she cheated with another man & according to Don, was spending time with lowlifes. He acquired rumors that she, Linah Wanjiru, was preparing to sell her Audi vehicle, which was a present from him. Don responded by returning the car and saying that his ex-wife was depressed and broke in an online stimulus.

KRG The Don Net Worth

Apart from his tune, he is a heavy-weight investor whose businesses have made him a very affluent man. KRG The Don has then diversified his portfolio to involve transport business, structure business, tours, travel business, and most current investment in the hospitality and entertainment industry. His building business operated as a partnership is called Killion Group, and his travel business is called Taraja Safaris. In addition, he launched the Casa Vera lounge on Dec 3 found along Ngong Road on Kaburu Drive. This is his most significant investment stating that he had spent Ksh 200 million to develop the piece of land and set up a fully-fledged company. Several Kenyan celebrities attended the launch, and the first clients were fortunate to have a treat on KRG The Don. 

The Don owns several expensive cars in his wealth portfolio, including Range Rovers, a Chrysler 300C, & Land Cruiser VX V8. He also has a land in parts of the country, including Naivasha.



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