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Ledama Olekina Biography, Net Worth, Personal Life, And Career Journey

Real name Ledama Olekina
Age 47 years old
Place of birth Kenya
Marital status  Single
Net worth Unknown

The political scene in Kenya is loaded with many fellows who are considered old and not in a position to describe the youth agenda. Over the last few years, a few brave people have come forward to usher in a new age of politicians who are young, smart, aware of the current environment and willing to accept the necessary steps to change the scene. One of these politicians is one very intense Ledama Olekina. He is event famous as a panelist hosted on a couple of news shows around Kenya. His knowledge and contribution to the seminars regularly held is one that has been said to be instrumental. In this report, we will explore his life and work.

Ledama Olekina Age and Birthplace

The distinguished senator Ledama Olekina as he desires to refer himself as, was born in the Maasai villages in Narok, on mid-November 1974. He is currently 47 years old.

Ledama Olekina Early Life, Education and Career

In the Maasai community, most youthful men usually get to become the very bold Morans of the community. They cover their large herds of cattle, amass wealth and engage in acts that get them praised for their bravery. This was not the exact case of one Ledama. His parents made sure that he got the best schooling in the land to increase his chances of success beyond the village.

For this reason, even though he was grown amongst such men of valor, he got a decent education that allowed him make it to Narok High school. He performed extremely well amongst his peers and this got him an opportunity to got his university in the united states of America. Here, he was naturally interested in the politics and he pursued a degree in political science & English. He became quite the learned fellow with a rich understanding and articulateness in the queen’s language.

He engaged in a couple of philanthropic actions on his return to Kenya. These activities range from activism on the atmosphere, specifically The Mau forest to educational ones that would enable the education of Maasai girls in the community. He later on selected to join political and was elected in 2017. Presently, he is the senator for Narok county. 


While a scholar in the US, Ledama became the the first Kenyan-Maasai to ever walk across the United States of America in a proposal to raise awareness on the necessity for quality education.

He strolled from Durango, Colorado to Phoenix, Arizona, a stretch of over 565 miles (909 Kilometers) wrapped in his traditional Maasai clothes.

His second walk was from Boston, Massachusetts all the way to Chicago, Illinois, a 1,765 miles (2826 kilometres). After that, he strolled up to 80 kilometres a day.

Upon his retrieval to Kenya, he advocated for the education of the Maa girlchild and an ending to Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) among his community.

He has been on the vanguard, championing for the eviction of communities from the Mau Forest and championing for its protection and preservation.


Ledama established Maasai Education Discovery(MED) in 2001. It is a non-profit organisation that champions for the education of girls.

He offers scholarship programs for females to attend primary schools, secondary schools, & colleges through the foundation.

To date, the program adjusts over 1700 students yearly.

He set up a resource centre in Narok where MED is headquartered. It has a library, a community college, business center & a cultural art center.

In 2002, Ledama computerized around 15 schools in Narok and Kajiado and carried internet in Narok. In 2006, he established the first wireless network in Narok.

Legalisation of Marijuana

Ledama has been a verbal advocate for the government to legalize the use of Marijuana in the Kenya.

In late 2020, he shared a video clip in which he made his opinions known while standing in the center of a marijuana plantation in Lithuania.

He encouraged the government to legalise Marijuana for medicinal goals, as in some countries.

“Why is it that we in Kenya are always stuck with the old way of saying that this is an unlawful drug… this is crazy… it really smells like weed. I might get out of here, feeling kinder high,” he jokingly states in the video.

“If this is good to relieve the pain in cancer patients, why don’t you legalise it? What is so bad about it? We only live once. If weed is good, then let’s legalize it. If it’s bad then let’s not permit other people in the world to plant it,” he said.

Ledama Olekina Personal Life

Ledama is well-known for his sharp takes on political matters. He has been accused of initiating members of the Maasai community against the Kipsigis of Kenya. He is also on the front line of politics in social media. Ledama is the most obeyed politician because of his views.

Ledama Olekina Net Worth and Assets

His net worth is presently unknown, but he makes a considerable income from being a politician and his other community works.



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