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Lerai Rakoditsoe Biography, Net Worth, Education, Career, And Personal Life

Real Name Lerai Rakoditsoe
Age 19 (As of 2022)
Nationality  South African
Education Level N/A
Place of Birth Johannesburg
Birth Sign N/A
Year of Birth 2003
Religion  Christianity
Spouse  N/A
Children  N/A
Profession/Career Social activist
Net Worth $200,000

Lerai Rakoditsoe is a brilliant star and trailblazing youngster from South Africa. Her dedication to empowerment and making a change in society has made her someone of public interest. This article looks into her biography, emphasizing her background, career journey, &personal life details. 

Lerai Rakoditsoe Age and Birthplace

She was born in Bassonia, south of Johannesburg, in mid-2003 and was raised in a story-telling family. She thus grew up articulating stories and describes herself as a storyteller. 

Lerai Rakoditsoe Education Background

Details on her academic background are, yet, unavailable to the public. 

Lerai Rakoditsoe Career Journey

At the early age of 5, her parents had already brought her into modeling, and she emerged in a number of commercials. She then seized up drama classes at the age of nine and brought up a 6-year training, making her a specialist at the age of fifteen. Lerai took part in local & national drama competitions, modeling &presenting all along, securing several awards on the path. She is the co-producer and one-time presenter of Sports Scene Culture Conservations.

Named First African Presenter to Host A Nickelodeon Show

In 2021, Lerai was designated as the first African to host a Nickelodeon performance; the show titled NickMusic is a family-friendly music program that fits the entire family. The program premiered on 17th May 2021 and emphasized African music and more worldwide.

In reaction to the news, Lerai said, “I am enthusiastic about being part of the Nickelodeon Africa family & about being the first young African host for the channel. Having been raised up watching the channel myself, I know how necessary it is for young minds to see someone like themselves on screen. Authentic presentation is really important and to see me on the channel is mind-blowing. I’m incredibly grateful and looking forward to interacting with observers across Africa and to display off some of my NickMusic moves.” Nickelodeon, on their end, had this to state, “In our commitment to consistently celebrate and determinate the power of youth culture across Africa, we welcome Lerai to the Nickelodeon Africa family and inspire kids and parents to put on their dancing shoes & get ready for NickMusic.”

Apart from this, Lerai is the administrator of Girl Up Johannesburg, a United Nations Foundation-hosted administration development organization. Girl Up is an endeavor to bring together girls from around the world to reach gender parity. Some of the projects the organization has been able to participate in include the 1000 Girls Campaign, The Unfiltered Youth, and a combined one with #BoysForAction. Her commitment to these impactful ambitions is a personal passion as she says, “I desire to be a strong female voice in Africa who addresses issues amongst the youth, as well as operating towards the empowerment of women.”

After a victorious first season of the web series titled Sportscene’s Culture Discussions powered by Reebok, she was brought back for season 2 as a co-producer and host. It is likewise an impactful project that brings the youth jointly in addressing problems in society and seeks to stir its audience into backing causes and to contribute to making a difference in society. 

Another of her ventures is an accretive arts company named African Talent Unearthed that creates an intersection point for African talent and global opportunity while simultaneously constructing their entrepreneurial skills. 

With her audience, Lerai has performed with big brands such as Fila, where she ran an SS19 Window Campaign denoted to inform the people on Fila’s ethos, link with the audience, and showcase their products. 

Lerai Rakoditsoe Personal Life

She also keeps her private life from the public light and instead uses her platforms to elevate social change and drive actual impact where needed around the world. 

Lerai Rakoditsoe Net Worth

Her net worth is roughly $200,000.



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