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Leyna Bloom Biography, Net Worth, Boyfriend, And  Career Journey

Real name Leyna Bloom Davis
Age 31
Place of birth America
Marital status Single
Net worth $10 million

Over the last few years, more individuals have been open concerning their sexuality, mainly when it is not mainstream. These disclosures, mostly known as ‘coming out of the cabinet,’ have been met with some acceptance and a lot of ridicule from different masses.

Nevertheless, a few individuals have taken it upon themselves to discredit this world and smash the stereotypes wrapping the LGBTQ. This article will talk about one such person, a well-celebrated model, Leyna Bloom, who has handled this dynamic.

Leyna Bloom Age and Place of Birth

Born in Illinois, America, in April, of 1990, Leyna is currently 31 years old.

Leyna Bloom Early Life, Education, and Career

Leyna Bloom is originality, confident, and beauty personified. The famous actress, model, and activist was born and bred in Chicago by parents who treasured her dearly. So it follows that her upbringing included a lot of support and tenderness that gave her the confidence she seems to exude effortlessly.

She got her formal education in Illinois. However, there is not much known on her schooling as much as there is known about her work since she popped into the spotlight.

The 5’10” model accomplished a few auditions here, and there is a bid to kick start her profession. However, her debut into the modeling globe was not a one-day’s experience. It took quite a lot of hard work and dedication, as she puts it. Eventually, in 2014, her breakthrough came about, and this was when she used the chance to come out as trans-gender. Hitherto, she had identified as straight or what most individuals would call hetero normative.

Alongside 13 other unique models, she graced a magazine as trans women when most individuals did not even know what it meant. Later on, in 2017, Lena graced Vogue India as the first black female on the cover. This was the start of her success.

Leyna Bloom Personal Life

Most of Ms. Bloom’s life is materialized by her activism that involves challenging most trademarks to become more inclusive. In fact, she is renowned for coming up with a campaign that contested the infamous Victoria’s Secret runway show for not acclimating women of different body types, especially, women of color and those that were trans gender. This got her chances with companies like H&M and performances like the Paris Fashion Week.

Leyna Bloom Net Worth and Assets

Ms. Bloom’s life rotates around acting, modeling, and activism, which have been her most excellent sources of income. Her net worth is at a gauged $10 million.



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