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List of The Best Consolidated Bank of Kenyan (Loans)

Consolidated Bank of Kenya is among the most senior Banks in Kenya. Today’s article will look at a list of Consolidated Bank of Kenya loans.

As for the bonuses of being in existence for a bit now, the Consolidated Bank of Kenya is a authorized financial services provider in Kenya.
Most of its clients brag that they receive personalized assistance from these banks. Who would not enjoy banking with a bank that has a personal touch?
If you consider accessing a loan from the Consolidated Bank, this report is meant to be your guide.
Consolidated Bank of Kenya Loans
Consolidated Bank of Kenya Loans are split into two major groups:
Personal Loans
Business Loans
Below, we delve into facts about the different subcategories of loans suggested under each significant category.
Business Loans

The bank delivers the following types of loans under the business loans classification:

Insurance financing

When operating a enterprise, there are many risks that one ought to take insurance covers. Nevertheless, it is not possible to pay for these surfaces upfront due to a lack of finances.
Consolidated Bank cares for its company owners’ needs and ultimately comprehends that their success leads to the bank’s success.
This loan product allows the bank to pay straight to the insurance company for the business insurance cover. The business will then refund this loan in equal monthly installments for 4 – 10 months.
The Consolidated Bank of Kenya offers this loan without security and has a straightforward application process.

Business overdraft and term loans

These days businesses are working in hard financial periods. As a result, many companies are not left with largely to grow and expand their businesses.
The Consolidated Bank has a enterprise overdraft and term loans for companies that would like to grow to determine this issue. This loan tops our list of the best loan products delivered by the Consolidated Bank of Kenya.
The company owner has to meet the following requirements to access this loan:
Present both the company and business silhouettes
Provide bank statement for the previous 6 months.
As well as present cash flow forecasts for the months ahead

Commercial Construction Loan

If your company is a real estate firm or looking into developing your piece of land into some rentals, this loan is implied for you.

If you are constructing units to sell, this loans are repayable for up to 24 months. Regardless, if these units are for rent, then the loan is repayable up to 10 years.
To acquire this loan, all you need to present to Consolidated Bank is your I.D., your current colored passport, and KRA details E.T.C.

Personal Loans

Moreover, Consolidated Bank also presents personal loans to individual customers. Personal loans top the list of the very best Consolidated Bank of Kenya loans.
Personal Loans
Suppose you are an employed person who is looking to take a loan to develop your side deception. This personal loan presented by the Consolidated Bank of Kenya is the most reasonable in the market.
The promising news is that one can borrow up to Ksh 2,000,000.
However, you must meet the following requirements:
present your bank statement for the previous six months
Current three months payslips
Reference letter from your employer deciding to remit salary through Consolidated Bank

Solid scholar loan

For all your school fees requirements, Consolidated Bank offers you a credit of up to KES 500,000.
Just give your fee structure and your payslip for the last 3 months and bank statements for 6 months, and voila! Your fees will be then paid.

Mortgage Loan

Consolidated Bank is here to ensure your dreams count if you have always dreamt of living in your own house.
Moreover, funds from this loans can also be redirected to building the house rather than buying.
Just present all the documents needed, and the loan amount will be deposited in your account.

Asset Financing Loan

The dream life usually concerns one driving a posh car. Consolidated Bank sees this by presenting its client’s asset financing loan to obtain motor vehicles, plant, & machinery.


Create Consolidated bank today your bank of loan choice, and it will not dissatisfy you. Its loan products are creative, flexible, and clear in payments.



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