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List of Tier-1 Banks in Kenya (2022 Update)

This article will focus on Tier-1 banks in Kenya in 2022.

Do you know there are various banks in Kenya by the Central bank of Kenya? If you don’t know already, Tier-1, Tier-2, and Tier-3 banks in Kenya exist.
List of Tier-1 Banks in Kenya
Here is a list of tier-1 banks in Kenya:

Absa Bank Kenya PLC

Number one on this list is Absa. It was previously known as Barclays Bank, and in Feb of 2020, Barclays Bank of Kenya officially altered its name to Absa Bank Kenya PLC, following all essential regulatory approvals.
The bank has gained better with time and is a leading financial organization. Absa Bank Kenya PLC delivers a wide range of banking products and benefits to SMEs and large corporations.

KCB Bank

Number two on our tier one banks in Kenya list is KCB Bank.

KCB has been a top financial Institution and Customer Assistance Provider for more than 120 years with a customer base covering several East African countries.
Since 1970, it has been working as Kenya Commercial Bank until 2015, when KCB Bank Kenya was merged in 2015 due to the corporate restructure of Kenya Commercial Bank Group.

Equity bank

Number three on our tier one banks in Kenya is Equity bank. Equity Bank, headquartered in Nairobi, was established as a small finance company to help low-income earners to access reasonable credit and other financial services.
This institution has over 21 branches across the country that present various banking products such as savings accounts, existing accounts, loans for individuals and businesses.; insurance procedures – life cover and home mortgage, among others. In addition, equity Bank also offers online banking facilities to its clients.

Cooperative Bank

The Co-operative Bank of Kenya is a commercial bank in Kenya approved by the Central Bank of Kenya, the national banking controller. Co-operative Bank of Kenya was founded in 1991 and is a leading financial institution in all the 47 counties of Kenya, helping over two million customers via its network of 270 branches.
Co-op Bank has been rated among Africa’s Top 50 Safest Banks for eight straight years by Global Finance Magazine. In addition, cooperative Bank ranks foremost out of 14 Kenyan banks on World Economic Forum’s 2018 list.
The bank delivers various services such as loans, mortgages, insurance to people and corporate clients. It also delivers credit cards, payroll management solutions, and internet banking structures.


Another tier-1 bank in Kenya is NCBA Bank (NCBA Bank Kenya Plc). In mid-October 2019, CBA Bank (Commercial Bank of Africa) joined with NIC Bank Kenya to form NCBA bank.
NCBA Kenya Plc presents various banking products for its customers, such as Savings account; Existing accounts, loans for individuals and businesses.; credit cards, & other bank services.

Standard Chartered Bank

The Standard Chartered Bank in Kenya is one of the greatest banks in Kenya. Standard Chartered has constituents all over the country and in big cities like Nairobi, Mombasa, & Kisumu.
Standard chartered bank presents various banking products for their customers such as savings account, existing accounts, loans for both people and businesses.; credit cards, among other benefits.
It also delivers investment management assistance to institutional customers via Standard Chartered Investment Management (SCIM) Limited, provided via a network of brokerages across East Africa.
With time, they have enhanced their customer service by delivering an online platform to transact without visiting any branch.

Stanbic Bank

In 2008, CFC Bank Limited and Stanbic Bank Kenya limited integrated to form Stanbic Bank. Stanbic Bank is a top financial institution in Kenya with around 20 branches countrywide. Stanbic bank provides different banking products and services, including savings accounts, existing accounts, and credit cards.
Diamond Trust Bank (DTB)
Diamond Trust Bank has been a top financial Institution and Client Service Provider for more than 70 years with a client base that spans several East African countries. Diamond trust bank was established in 1902; Diamond banks offer different banking products, including savings account, existing accounts, loans for individuals and companies.; credit cards, among others.



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