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Maina Kageni Biography, Career, Age, Education, Salary, Net Worth, And Wife

Real Name Maina Kageni
Nickname Maina
Age 47 years as of 2021
Nationality Kenyan
Real Father Unknown
Mother Unknown
Tribe Gikuyu
Education Level Bachelor’s Degree
Place of Birth Nairobi, Kenya
Birth Sign Cancer
Year of Birth 29th June in 1974
Religion Christian
Wife Name Unknown
Children Unknown
Career/Profession Journalist, News Anchor
Years Active 2005 to date
Net Worth Kshs. 250 Million (approx)

Maina Kageni, a leading radio show host and ex-news anchor at KTN television, is this report’s subject as we look at his bio. The excellent communicator has had quite a passage over his years & the climbs up mountains Age, 

Down valleys on his way to current situation. The stages he took to his present-day are what we will expose and show many new things we bed you didn’t know concerning this staunch Red Devils fan.

Maina Kageni Age and Place of Birth

Maina was born in Kenya on 29th of June in 1974. The 47-year-old was raised in Kenya and had the privilege of traveling overseas on several occurrences.

Education Background Maina Kageni

Maina tended Westlands Primary school, then moved to Laiser Hill High School before flying to the United Kingdom to seek a college degree. But, shockingly to his mother, she discovered that he was not among the graduates when he celebrated her son’s graduation.

Maina had moved to the UK and began working instead of pursuing school. He performed as a truck driver and circulated fish for a Chinese firm in his time. This is the point at which his profession and venture into business started.

Maina Kageni Career Journey

Maina Kageni is an entrepreneur & radio host. These are his primary income streams, and he has confirmed that there is another way apart from going via school to be successful in life.

He has formerly worked as a car dealer, making his profits between purchasing and selling new and second-hand vehicles over a long time.

As an outstanding communicator, he got a position to work as a news anchor on a local television station, KTN, one of the most considered stations in the nation that has been operating for more than 15 years. He hosts a wide listened-to morning program-Maina and Kingang’i, on Classic 105 alongside Daniel Ndambuki (Churchill).

Maina is a brilliant entrepreneur investing in top assets such as real estate. He owns residential possessions in Nairobi, Florida, and Miami.

On top of that, he is a trademark endorser who is some extra cash he makes due to his garnered fan-base and span of impact. As a result, he has become a brand that most individuals want to be involved with.

Personal Life & Wife Details

Maina Kigeni is not wedded and has no kids confirmed to be his. He has faced the short vocabulary of critics concerning this, some even claiming that he is gay, to which he refused. He has not affirmed his connectionwith any lady yet and might as well be an outstanding secret keeper holding things that are meant to be personal, just that – private.

Maina Kageni Net worth and Assets

Maina Kageni is evaluated to earn an estimate relative to Kshs 2,000,000 per month from his several jobs and ventures. In addition, he earns rental income and, on some occurrences, capital gain on his initial investments, such as his co-owned modeling agent in Lagos, Nigeria.

The man owns elegant and luxurious cars, including a BMW X6 and a Hummer. These cost quite some cash and statement makers by themselves.

The total estimation of his value is thought to be over Kshs 250 million. 



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