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Massawe Japanni Biography, Age, Family And Career

Real Name Massawe Japanni
Nickname MJ
Age Late 30’s as of 2021
Nationality Kenyan
Real Father Unknown
Mother Unknown
Tribe Akamba
Education Level Bachelor’s Degree
Place of Birth Kenya
Birth Sign Unknown
Year of Birth Unknown
Religion Christian
Spouse/Husband Name Tom Japanni
Children 3 Children
Career/Profession Journalist, Radio Personality
Years Active 2002 to date
Net Worth Kshs. 30 Million (approx)

Massawe Japani is a seasoned Swahili news commentator whose grasp of issues has endeared her to many lovers. Her life has largely been scandal-free, making her the ideal role model for young women. In addition, her melodious Swahili pronunciation has been magnetic to her audience who are drawn from every crossroad of Kenya. The radio host has been in the enterprise for over a decade and remains relevant.


Massawe Japanni honoring her 39th birthday Image/Courtesy
Massawe Japanni was born on 28th of July, 1981.


Massawe’s family did not even think she would ever get wedded. However, not only is she married, but she is even a doting mother of three. Tom Japani, former radio Maisha boss, is his husband. They encountered back in 2002 while working at a local radio station, Baraka FM, down at the Coastal region. At the time, Tom was a great breakfast show presenter, as

Masawe was an intern producer.

Until Tom left to join the BBC World service, their connection was platonic. In 2004, they became romantically interested. They currently work for competing for radio stations but tend to keep their professional and private lives distinct.
The doting mother of 3 lost her newborn a while back. This was one of getting most unfortunate events in her life. She discoursed a radio Jambo correspondent and shared the sad story of how she lost her firstborn 14 years ago:
“ It was a tremendous blow since I was straight from the medical practice room. Then, after all the difficult months, I got back flat broke and you know the enthusiasm that accompanies a family expecting their youngster.”

“It was an extremely excruciating encounter by the way 14 years back I had recently gotten connected, our first brought into the world was a child whom we had just called Kwame & it came as a huge hit to us all. I set aside some effort to determine that I had quite recently lost my infant”
As sad as losing a child is, the good news is that she carried on and now has 3 wonderful kids.


Her radio journey started at Baraka FM in Mombasa before entering QFM. At QFM she hosted “Tabaradi”
Milele FM simmered her from QFM and she hosted a show alongside Kazungu Matano (Captain Otoyo). Word out there is that she departed the station after a dispute with her bosses.
The seasoned Swahili anchor earned a comeback on Radio Jambo. She hists a show named “Bustani la Massawe Japanni (MJ) on Radio Jambo every weekday from 10 PM – 2 PM. The show advises people going through tough associations



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